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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Poll: Do we need a new category be ...


Thread: [Acro] Re: Poll: Do we need a new category be ...

Message: [Acro] Re: Poll: Do we need a new category between Advanced andUnlimited?

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From: "William H. Park" <billpark at>

Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 00:34:24 UTC


  Just to add a touch of reality to the discussion, how many pilots can
both fly at the required level to be competitive internationally and
afford both the practice/training time and the appropriate airplane as
well as having the desire to compete at the international level?  Now
secondly how many people are and would likely wish to compete in these
classes (Advanced and Unlimited) without even considering ever flying at
the international level?  This comparison might give a little something
to consider when setting up classes and rules for classes.  Are there
enough people that can fulfill all the requirements to fly
internationally to consistently tailor two of the five classes to fit
these few and how many potential competitors are being left out because
of the real or perceived favoritism being shown to those few

Bill Park

Flyinverted at wrote:

> I feel adding another category would be difficult as it would make
> getting a contest done in 2-3 days next to impossible
> Another alternative might be to use separate rules and criteria for
> local contests versus Nationals and the proposed regional contests.
> Nationals and Regionals would utilize FAI rules including the adopted
> CIVA knowns  making these contests as close to world competition as
> possible.
> For local contests IAC would utilize their own rules and a separate
> known. The IAC rules and the known for local contests could be devised
> to maintain and even field between monos and biplanes. All members
> would be able to compete on a level field.
> This would apply to both Advanced and Unlimited categories and would
> serve both goals of pleasing the membership who doesnt care about
> world competition (grass roots) and US Team hopefuls that need to
> compete in a "World" environment to allow them to be successful in
> future WAC or AWAC contests
> Ed Gonzalez
> Pitts S-1S, N431ED


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