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Attachement: part2.txt

From: "William H. Park" <billpark at>

Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 18:09:35 UTC


Personally I have never been impressed when a person uses either his perceived position in the community to respond to anothers comments, nor am I impressed when a person
uses sarcasm or invective and unsupported statements in a rebuttal.  These are the acts of a bully or a politician normally.  As to your statements please answer a couple
of questions for mw as appended to your comments below.

rba at wrote:

>                  200K monoplanes? most fly intermediate and advanced, you can count on one hand the number of 200K a/c at the US Nationals in unlimited. Now 150K may fill
> yoour socks but what dose that new S2B or 8KCAB cost?

As I understood it most of the aircraft that flew at the nationals this past year in unlimited were either Edge 540's or CAP 231 or 232 models, what is the price tag on one
of these aircraft when in a competitive condition. and will you also answer your own question about the cost of a new S2B (which I do not think you can find anymore, aren't
they out of production and replaced by the S2C?) and the 8KCAB?  If the cost is so similar why would a person choose an 8KCAB instead of a CAP 232 or Edge 540?

> The airplane is a large cost item, but I have run $1000 mounth gas bills for years, not to mention the insurance.   Hobby that is not expenesive?

I will agree that flying is expensive, especially competition aerobatics if a person wishes to be competitive at any level.  Practice costs money as does equipment, this is
not a news flash. I do agree that adding another class is the answer to the problem.  However I also do not think that advising a member of IAC to leave the club if they do
not like the way it is going is appropriate either.  Isn't one of the primary concerns of the club management that membership is dropping rapidly.  Also you as one of the
obvious 'prima donnas' in unlimited should be aware that you are a small minority of the clubs membership.  If you look at the make up of the membership and those that
contribute to the financial support of the international teams you will find yourself in the minority and the grass roots competitor that has no intention of ever flying in
international competition is in the majority.

Just a few thought for you kind sir.



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