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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: IAC rules amok?? -- just another re ...


Thread: [Acro] Re: IAC rules amok?? -- just another re ...

Message: [Acro] Re: IAC rules amok?? -- just another real world solution

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From: "Virginia M. Jacobson" <virginia at>

Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 04:36:39 UTC


  Yes Jim I have been following the thread, obviously or I wouldn't have
commented in the first place.

I have one question for you?

Did you express your concerns to your director or the IAC directly during
the comment period? How many others who are in the bashing mode right now
made their feeling known during the proposal stage of  the rule change? I
don't happen to know but I think I can make the assumption that very few
people said anything either in favor or other wise during the proposal

I think a great number of people that grip on the Exploder after the fact
never bothered to let their feeling be known by participating in the comment
process while the rules were proposed.  If you did then you're among the few
who I feel do have the right to complain. I would wager that most people
griping right now did not.

I personally do not care for the fact that the spin was removed from the
entry level category no matter what we call it. However I am willing to give
it a fair shake and see if it does help bring people into the sport whether
they fly T-6's or T-carts. The fact is that the whole membership had a
chance to pipe up and shoot this down when it was in the proposal stage. I
do think that if the IAC BOD received a greater number of comments against
it than for it it would not have passed.  You say that a great number of
people you know did express their opinion against this proposed rule.  I'm
pleased to hear that. I would like to know how many didn't comment at all or
commented in favor of it? If the BOD only hears from 5% of the membership
and has no feed back from the remaining 95% then they can only assume that
the majority is in favor or indifferent to the proposal. That's how it works
for the company I work for.

I think that the IAC BOD is a very dedicated, hard working group of
volunteers, and for the most part who's main interest is promoting a sport
which we all care about and not just a group of men and women pumping up
their own egos on a dictatorial power trip.

Is it just possible that everyone who is griping about the new Primary
category is only now considering it because winter is almost over and their
thought are turning to flying? Day late dollar short kind of thing.

The time to complain about this has come and gone.  This is great thread and
it's had some pretty good input, it's just to bad that this didn't start
months ago.

Virginia Jacobson
VP Ch-88
National Judge



If you have been following this thread you have noticed that out of all the
response so far there has only been one (1) person that is actually in favor
of the Primary category.  Most people I know have openly expressed there
strong opposition to this rule change to there local director and letters to
IAC HQ. Unless I am living in some microcosm of unenlightened minds, HELL
YES I believe that this rule change has been pushed down our throats.

Jim Nahom
Chapter 49


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