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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: IAC rules amok?? -- just another re ...


Thread: [Acro] Re: IAC rules amok?? -- just another re ...

Message: [Acro] Re: IAC rules amok?? -- just another real world solution

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From: "Ron Spencer" <splitimagewing at>

Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 04:37:43 UTC


Hi Jim,
My point is that if a pilot is to compete, it will be, (and should per FAR's) up to that pilot to determine what parameters are safe, legal and competitive to do so.  CD's, starters, friends, comrades and fellow competitors should insure that if there is doubt as to the ability for a pilot to fly the routine, (what-ever-it-may-be), they will communicate same to said pilot.  As I do not fly a P-51 or L-39, I cannot say what is the correct parameters to compete successfully.  However, common sense should rule and it is up to the pilot, (again, as per FAR's) to determine what is safe for his aircraft operational envelope, and that individual pilot's realistic limitations.  To do otherwise is to re-write existing FAR's and Pilot-In-Command responsibilities.  

Jim, Are you willing to do that?  Jim I am not picking on you, yet, essentially, I am saying that the existing rules clearly govern what a pilot should do and think about, as it relates to the operation of an aircraft, no matter what the regime.  By trying to artificially create further barriers, (which cannot but arbitrarily be implemented under the current realistic limitations of a contest), we do nothing to enhance safety for this sport or the long term development of IAC .  Like it or not, it is ultimately up to the pilot-in-command, (no matter how green), to determine if they should even attempt aerobatics,  much less competition.  

There are no guarantees in life, far less in aviation... only the common sense of the individual pilot will allow or prevent them from engaging in flight operations which they should or should not engage in.

Regards, -RS-

  Ron, you are the very first person I have ever had contact with that supports this category. Just curious though, how high do you think a P-51 or L-39 should start at to complete the Primary sequence and finish above 1500' AGL ?

  Jim Nahom

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