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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] an interesting twist


Thread: [Acro] an interesting twist

Message: [Acro] an interesting twist

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From: "Darwin Jones" <acropilot at>

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 00:27:17 UTC


Reading the primary Cat. stuff (aka intentional spin prohibited cat.).  I remember a contest a few years ago in the NE when a Basic pilot spun (really a spiral) to within 1,000 feet of the ground before initiating a recovery.  when the power was added to that Decathlon, it sure got everyone attention. His acro instructor was on the field, we know he (pilot) was trained.
 Sounds like a damn if you do and damn if you don't thing.

Speaking of dumbing down training. The Stall/Spin accident rate for canada has been no better than the United States.  I read about an experiment regarding spin training, the conclusion was that to effectively improve a pilots Spin recovery performance the spin training should include different modes and entry from a multitude of attitudes.  For an example, a positive g spin entered from an inverted attitude.

Regardless of the outcome of the new Primary cat. rules.  I want to thank the BOD for trying to increase participation.  I really think an Aerobatic Rally type thing will go a long way to increase participation.  Details to be worked out.

Darwin Jones
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