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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] And on the spins/primary/etc.

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] And on the spins/primary/etc.


Thread: [Acro] And on the spins/primary/etc.

Message: [Acro] And on the spins/primary/etc.

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From: "Robert P. Lockard" <rob at>

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 20:59:11 UTC


  I feel the need to jump in here for a few reasons.

1) I would love to compeate in primary; however:
   a) I'm not all that sure my 48' Navion would be welcome
   b) I'm not all that sure I would be welcome because.
     1) I have had no training in aerobatics, yet would love 
to learn.

2) I would love to purchase a Pitts; however:
  a) two planes, geez I'm having enough fun trying to keep 
one flying.
  b) two planes, anyone got a few thouand dollars they don't 
  c) I'm not getting rid of my Navion.

Now on the statement: 

>May we see a showing of hands of all of you that were as
> safe and skilled the first time you showed up at a contest 
as you are now?

Really I remember very well learning how to land.  For the 
longest time I was compatant in landing; yet it took a lot of 
focus.  THEN something happened, the focus is still required; 
however it is now more of instinct where I feel I'm a lot 

Anyway, just the humble openion of someone who is still 
trying to find a way to fly aerobatics.

Later, Dive / Fly Safe

"Young man, success comes in can, failue comes in can't"
Adm Grace Hopper to a young Robert Lockard 1978


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