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    I've managed to achieve silence for a long time now.  Please .. hold down the applause.
Anyway .. couple of thoughts about IAC vs USAA.
Ain't nothing wrong with IAC.  Obviously.  And we are, most of us, hair trigger preselected to auto fire when it comes to change. 
On the other hand -
-  The power of a name is immense.  Ask GM, Ford, McDonalds or Staples about the power of a name.  A brand.  If possible, marketing people try to select a name or brand that speaks to the product. 
- USAF - United States Aerobatic Foundation faces the daunting task every couple of years of meeting increasingly impressive funding requirements for our national teams.  They have to explain regularly to prospective donor companies (those not already indoctrinated) that they are raising money for the International Aerobatic Club's best pilots, and no, the money isn't going to other countries.  IAC is really .. US .. etc, etc ..  
Might it not be easier for USAF to sell U.S. Corporations on support of the US Aerobatic Association?  Of course, particularly with patriotism riding high.  And USAA bespeaks the very relationship that exists with that organization. 
The new name would offer corporations that decide to get involved more and wider marketing opportunities.  It could be more than worthwhile as IAC/USAF try to cultivate a broader base of support. 
- USAA is more accurate, since it drops the grandiose pretense of internationality. 
- To that end, USAA is more grassroots, and might very well resonate more effectively among the prospective pilot community, i.e.  potential new members, a surprising number of whom are effectively unaware of our existence. 
- When explaining our sport to others, how many of us have used the Olympics analogy?  It's a rhetorical question, of course.  We typically do that.  It helps explain how judging is accomplished.  The whole idea of taking points away from the ideal, from that perfect line or figure.  It's worth noting that the International Olympic Committee runs the Olympics for the world, and America's effort is governed by the U.S.O.C
- For those of us who are already members, the name change is really a trivial issue.  As we've seen from most posts - we don't tend to be married to the name, only the sport.
- Lastly, the teary eyed patriot in me would have no problem at all wearing the initials U.S. as part of the logo of the organization that represents the finest group of pilots in America. 
There are many more good reasons that could be offered pro and con, but I'm tryin' to turn over a new leaf and pare these missives down to novelette sizes.  

© Dr. Günther Eichhorn
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