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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Name change, conspiracies, etc.

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Name change, conspiracies, etc.


Thread: [Acro] Name change, conspiracies, etc.

Message: [Acro] Name change, conspiracies, etc.

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From: Jim Klick <klick at>

Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 18:42:33 UTC


  For those who want to do more than pound their keyboards to rubble,
the facts are that the name change was first "floated" almost a year
ago. If you stay in touch with your Director, you can learn a LOT about
the "hidden workings" of the BoD.

That was one of the reasons I attended the last BoD meeting in Oshkosh.
It also gave me a chance to go through the Museum again, and my wife
to tour the Malls across the highway again. Hmmm, no wonder she was
so eager to go with me.

Pardon me, I digress.  When the idea of the name change came up in the
written agenda, it was pointed out that the Club By-Laws have the IAC
name, and a memeber vote to amend the By-Laws would be required.
Louis Andrew also pointed out that we are chartered in the State of
Wisconsin as the International Aerobatic Club, and that would have to
be changed.

As a member attending, I was allowed to voice my opinion on any of the
Agenda items, and I did. Frequently. I pointed out that we have spent a
lot of money changing our logo and monogram over the last 10 years.
If those who have not been members that long want to see what the
original IAC logo looked like, EAA stockroom still has some, which they
would be happy to sell.

Many reasons were given for changing the name, and I agreed with some,
but not all of them. Overall, I am against it, and have let the Board
and my
Director, Gerry Molidor know my feelings.

For the conspiracy theorists, if you ever attend a BoD meeting, you will

learn that you will see that getting agreement on any issue is
much less devious plotting. These hard working VOLUNTEERS are
very much like the rest of us independent, free thinking, individualists

who make up the membership of IAC.

The weekend also gave me the opportunity to attend and help honor
Mike Heuer at his well deserved Hall of Fame Induction.

I spoke to Maryilln Holland this morning when I faxed my R & C exam
to her. The weather in Arizona is gorgeous. I hope none of you folks are

wasting your time on the exploder when you could be out flying. I know
as soon as the Chicago weather allows, I'm outahere.

Jim Klick
EAA 106287
IAC 6870
AOPA 682160
National Judge


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