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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] FS: 1/3 Pitts S-2B, eastern MA.

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] FS: 1/3 Pitts S-2B, eastern MA.


Thread: [Acro] FS: 1/3 Pitts S-2B, eastern MA.

Message: [Acro] FS: 1/3 Pitts S-2B, eastern MA.

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From: Steve Pennypacker <spenny at>

Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 05:48:40 UTC


  Why an S2B, you ask?
Well consider this: Awesome Pitts performance, super fun to fly.  You can 
get dual in the same airplane you compete in.  If the plane is ever down 
temporarily or a contest is too far to fly to, you can always find another 
one to fly. You don't have the "learning experience" of owning someone 
else's homebuilt, and no flight restrictions to worry about as with some 
Experimentals.  Compared to an S1, it's easier to fly/land, higher 
performance, the larger size presents much better in the box, much better 
visibility, and there's more luggage space for a contest weekend.  You can 
give rides to (or get dual from) above-average size people (try that in a 
pricey Extra 200).  R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  :-)

Why this S2B?
This is one of the nicest, cleanest, best maintained S2B's around (ask the 
Aviat factory; Dennis Sawyer- master Pitts A&P; or anyone else who knows 
the plane)..   Hartzell "Claw" 3-blade composite prop (longer engine life, 
no worries about the ADs that are driving other owners nuts right now, more 
durable & longer life than the MT prop? most of the top airshow performers 
have switched to this prop now), clean airframe, clean engine (not a drop 
of oil leaking from anywhere), and great fabric/paint.  780 TTAE.  Tanis 
electric block/cyl.head/oil preheater, Hooker harness, fuel computer, King 
radios & Mode C, smoke, and rudder/elevator gap seals, plus 2 Staudacher 
sighting devices and a Lang tailwheel.  Flies straight, no problems.  The 
Claw makes it easier to fly clean maneuvers than with the metal prop 
(greatly reduced gyro effect), and gives awesome hang time in a vertical.

Why a partnership?
Way lower costs, no scheduling problems (trust me, it's true). No sales tax 
on purchase.  Someone else pays for the 2nd chute & headset.  Financial 
exposure in case of major unexpected repair bills is cut by 2/3 (early 
engine/prop overhaul, etc).  When your chute is out being packed, your 
partner's chutes are available to fly.  Everyone has the same top-quality 
maintenance attitude.  The engine gets more use, meaning longer expected 
TBO.  Professionally designed partnership agreement.  No quarrels.

This is a terrific airplane and a very smooth running partnership. 

Steve Pennypacker, (508) 429-1171


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