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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Wood glue, almost funny


Thread: [Acro] Wood glue, almost funny

Message: [Acro] Wood glue, almost funny

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From: wlansingav <wlansingav at>

Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2002 01:30:05 UTC


  Due to a current project I am working on I did some research to find out if 
there were any approved Epoxy's that could be used on wood. I had been told 
that T-88 was approved and here is what I found out. AC 43.13 states that a 
epoxy is approved if it meets one of the following: MIL, AMS, TSO or 
approved by aircraft maintenance manual. Now I had a phone conversation 
with System Three the company that manufactures T-88 and found out that 
this epoxy does meet a MIL spec number, so, according to AC 43.13 it is 
legal to use on certified aircraft. But apparently the FAA put out a 
memorandum in February of 2001 ( I have not located it yet ) that stated 
there are no Epoxy's certified for use on wood regardless of what is 
written in AC 43.13. So this narrows the list down to a choice between 
Weldwood plastic resin and Weldwood Resorcinol. Well I had been using 
Resorcinol and was running a little low. I had a shipment on it's way but 
decided to see if I could find some locally to cover my _ _ _. I called all 
the hardware stores and lumber yards in our town and could not locate any 
but was not surprised because we live in a small town. So I then started 
calling stores in the larger city 30 miles away (Austin) and still could 
not locate any till one of the vendors told me that Resorcinol was illegal 
to sell in Texas. Hmm this sounded a little far fetched so a phone call was 
placed to the manufacture (Thank you Jeffery) and sure enough it is illegal 
to: sell in Texas, ship to Texas, ship through Texas, use in Texas and 
posses in Texas. Doesn't leave many choices does it.   FYI


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