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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] International Aerobatics


Thread: [Acro] International Aerobatics

Message: [Acro] International Aerobatics

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From: Akrowood at

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 03:47:06 UTC


  There is an international aerobatic association. CIVA . Why do we need a club 
that is supposedly international in scope, yet does not sanction any 
international contests
The WAC and AWAC are CIVA contests. Aren't they? They follow the CIVA rule 
book. Don't they? If I'm not mistaken it is the CIVA rule book that the IAC 
'chooses' to follow certain parts of and disregard other parts of as it 
pleases. Do we really need this level of beaurocracy? Why does the IAC select 
a U.S. national champion and not any other countries' champion?
Why don't we make CIVA the International governing/policing body made up of 
delegates from the 'national' clubs? sorry, I frogot, we've already done 
I don't want to 'make' those from other countries join our club in the U.S. I 
would just like to have a club that has the interests of those in the U.S. 
first on its list. I'm sure that the British club isn't contemplating the 
problems of the American aerobatic pilots as one of its first priorities. 
Certian problems, such as dwindling membership, needs the attention of all of 
the aerobatic pilots no matter the nationality.
We need an international association, one that helps the national clubs work 
together to solve these kinds of problems.
We don't need to change the name of the IAC. I'm not really sure that we need 
the IAC at all. 
What we need is an American Aerobatic Club.  

Tony Wood


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