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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Pitts S2B models


Thread: [Acro] Pitts S2B models

Message: [Acro] Pitts S2B models

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From: Prglgw at

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 06:26:16 UTC


I produce a range of static Aerobatic aircraft display models in 1/32nd 
scale. You can view the current kits at :
I have an offer to owners, pilots and enthusiasts of the Pitts S2B, and S2C. 
I am about to release the new kit, the Pitts S2B, and while the kit comes 
with the factory stock red/white sunburst factory scheme decals, I would like 
to offer some additional color schemes as well. So, if you would like your 
Pitts color scheme done in decals for these kits, now is your chance. There 
is no charge for this, but I need clear photos of all the various angles, and 
of course the permission of the owner of the aircraft. I will be able to 
offer these schemes as decal packs for the base kits, but it will allow 
owners to depict their exact aircraft as well. In particular I am interested 
in doing any unique or different paint schemes, as well some custom airshow 
schemes. I am also releasing a Pitts S2S in the colors of Jim LeRoys Bulldog 
airshow aircraft, and the Pitts S2C in a competition scheme.
If anyone is interested and can provide the photos please email me for 
Thanks, Pete 


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