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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Homebuilder's Library


Thread: [Acro] Homebuilder's Library

Message: [Acro] Homebuilder's Library

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From: "Rick" <earth2peg51 at>

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 01:01:07 UTC


  A substantial library for the Sport Plane builder. Retail value probably
over $450. All books are in very good condition, most are basically new and
none are anywhere near falling apart. A great reference library for the

See at ebay;

The Sportplane Builder by Tony Bingelis
Tony Bingelis on Engines by Tony Bingelis
Firewall Forward by Tony Bingelis
Sportplane Construction by Tony Bingelis
A & P Mechanics Airframe Handbook - EA-AC 65-15A
A & P Powerplant Handbook - EA-AC 65-12A
A & P Mechanics General Handbook - EA-AC 65-9A
A Practical Guide to Airplane Performance and Design by Donald R. Crawford
Aerodynamics, aeronautics, and Flight Mechanics by Barnes W. McCormick
Aircraft Bonded Structure - EA-NMR published by IAB
Aircraft Detail Design Manual, 3rd Ed by Aviation Publications
Aircraft Fabric Covering - EA-ADF published by IAB
Aircraft Maintenance Manual CAM-18 (EAA Pub)
Aircraft Mechanic's Digest - Palomar Books
Aircraft Painting and Finishing - EA-AP-2 published by IAB
Aircraft Repair Manual edited by Larry Reithmaier
Aircraft Sheet Metal - EA-SM by published IAB
Building the Gold Duster by James McKeehan
Conprehensive Reference Guide to Airfoil Sections for Light Aircraft
Custom Built Sport Aircraft Handbood (EAA Pub)
Design for Safety by David B. Thurston
EAA Aircraft Building Techniques - Aircrft Welding
Elements of Sport Airplane Design for the Homebuilder
Fundamentals of Aerodynamics - 2nd Ed. By John D. Anderson, Jr.
Homebuilts - A Handbook for the First-Time Builder by O'Brien
Introduction to Aircraft Flight Test Engineering - EA-225-1 published by IAB
Make Your Airplane Last Forever By Nicholas E. Silitch
Modern Aircraft Design by Martin Hollmann
Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain by Warren C. Young
Standard Aircraft Handbook -5th Ed. Edited by Larry Reithmaier
Stress Without Tears By Tom Rhodes
Test Flying by Martin Hollmann
The Illustrated Guide to Aerodynamics - 2nd Ed. By H. C. "Skip" Smith
The Techniques of Aircraft Building - Acro Sport, Inc.
Welding Guidelines with Aircraft Supplement - EA-WB-1 published by IAB
Wood Aircraft Building Techniques (EAA Pub)

See at ebay;


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