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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] antenna info.


Thread: [Acro] antenna info.

Message: [Acro] antenna info.

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From: Gmirk at

Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 16:18:50 UTC


  Here is one subject which I have had some painful experience.  When I brought 
my new (to me that is) Pitts s-1t home to Martin State airport I began to 
have radio problems, both transmission and reception.  I was running a 1.5 
watt hand held radio to an external antenna and all was fine on the trip from 
Austin, TX to Baltimore, MD.  I started cheap and replaced the cable with new 
rg400, next came a new whip antenna, and finally a new Apollo 10 watt radio.  

Needless to say that the 10 watt radio solved the transmission problems.  I 
can now transmit from the moon, at full power with God Smack cranking in the 
background, and everyone can hear me.  

The only thing I did not try was moving the external antenna.   I did try 
some taxi experiments with a rubber ducky out the canopy, but thought it 
might not be such a good idea for flight.  The rubber ducky was moderately 
successful, and confirmed that I mostly had a placement problem.  In the end 
a new radio was the easiest thing to do.  

So now that everything is brand new, from the tip of the antenna to the 
on/off knob, I still have reception problems at certain places on the ground. 
 In the air, all is well, and on the ground I never get down to the full 
length on 33.

No solutions here, my guess is that it's down to lots of metal and the 
antenna placement being low to the ground.   Bob, with the One Design, who 
lives at the end of runway 33 seems to have no problem and he has a similar 
antenna placement.  Remember Dr. Mirkin's cure, lots of money + wattage = 

Greg Mirkin
President:  Hangar #35 Aerobatic Club 
The magazine is bimonthly but comes out on time.  Next month we hope to be 
publishing on Charmine,  I have heard that it's squeezably soft.
We only accept members who rent/own hangars with the #35 on them.  We are 
currently lobbying congress to pass a bill that would require all hangars to 
be numbered 35, and we demand that desert be added as the 5th food group.  


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