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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: antenna info


Thread: [Acro] Re: antenna info

Message: [Acro] Re: antenna info

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From: DSowder at

Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 04:43:14 UTC


  For those having antenna problems, here's my experience. My Pitts S-1S has an 
older Icom IC-A20 handheld with battery removed, plugged into aircraft power. 
Antenna is a Comant CI-122 mounted on the belly (sheet metal), between the 
spring aluminum gear legs, about a foot from the transponder antenna. It's 

Two friends have the newer Icom IC-A22 with same antenna, belly mounted. S-1S 
and S-2A. Work great.

My S-2B has the Comant CI-122 belly mounted, within a few inches of the 
transponder antenna. Radio is an Apollo SL-60 GPS Com. Works great.

I use David Clark headsets, variously H10-40, H10-13.4, and H10-13.4XL (ANR). 
All work fine. The H10-13.4 has a limp mic. boom, not good for many g's. The 
XL requires a good seal around the ears, which took some adjustment by 
bending to work properly with my DC "K" helmet.

Sorry I can't detail any daunting problems that I've heroically surmounted. 
This is quality equipment and it simply works fine. I don't know what the 
Canadians do to screw them up. Maybe it's those bleeping metric batteries.

A note re. GPS antenna; for my S-2B, I made an aluminum bracket that is 
Adel-clamped to the canopy crossbar between cockpits. My GPS antenna is 
mounted to that bracket with velcro, on the theory that if I ever jetisson 
the canopy, the velcro will let go. Or, it will just rip the coax and/or BNC 
apart, but I won't care anyway. Being inside the canopy, no rain, no leaks, 
no goofy bondo fairing to mount it to the turtledeck. Of course, if I 
jetisson the canopy but decide not to bail out, I'll be lost.

My ELT's antenna is mounted to the (aluminum) bottom of the baggage 
compartment floor, pointed straight down inside the fuselage. The theory is 
that if I ever need it, it will be pointing straight up. Unlike all my other 
antennae, I can't vouch for the operation of this one, fortunately.

Doug Sowder


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