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From: "Andrew Boyd" <aboyd at>

Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 11:48:53 UTC


  Well, I have no doubt that Mike Goulian knows more than Peter 
or I ever will about aerobatics, but there are still some omissions 
from his books, both of which I bought and tried to read carefully, 
such as:

1) getting a vertical exit from a competition spin.  If you follow his
receipe on page 133 (Basic) it just ain't gonna happen.
2) On p 116 (Advanced) Mike seem to have the curious opinion 
that forward stick accelerates a spin solely because of rudder 
blanking.  This is repeated on p 117, and on pages 111 and 112
large diagrams explain rudder blanking and elevator position
in upright and inverted spins.  But most pilots might agree that
decreased radius of gyration (like a figure skater pulling her
arms in when she's spinning) and drag (less AOA, less Cd) 
reduction (like forward stick in a snap) are probably at least 
as important factors as rudder blanking in accelerating a spin 
with relaxed elevator.

Even with the above, I highly recommend anyone starting
out in aerobatics get both of Mike's books.  Lots of good
stuff in there.  Plus, if you're flying a Pitts, get both of
Bill Thomas's books, too.

aboyd at  ATP

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From: "Mark Dickey" <flyinut at>
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Sent: Saturday, April 20, 2002 2:53 AM
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> Mike still know his stuff.
> Mark W. Dickey
> PS: Don't take anything away from him.
> >Mike Goulians book is quite vague on the subject.
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