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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Budd Davisson training


Thread: [Acro] Budd Davisson training

Message: [Acro] Budd Davisson training

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From: "Carl Cline" <carlc at>

Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 13:22:32 UTC


Hey All,

I just wanted to report a good experience to the group. I haven't flown 
my Pitts for a couple of years. It has been rebuilt (due to an unfortunate incident with a vicious airport sign).  I scheduled four days of recurrency training with Budd Davisson in Phoenix (Scottsdale). After the first day I felt pretty much back in the groove. But by the end of my 4th day I was pretty pumped.  This was my second time through his program and I must say things fell much more easily in place this time.  In my case the second time through his course was about 3X better than the first.  It was simply that I was better able to absorb what he 
was teaching after I had accumulated some Pitts time.  I had not 
expected it would be so beneficial.

BTW,  Budd has opened his home as a Bed & Breakfast. He calls it "the 
Compound". I call it the House of Great Stuff.  Nice pool, too.  His 
better half, Marlene, is a fabulous cook. I was treated as family. Very 
comfortable. I'll be back.  Check out his ad in "Sport Aerobatics".

Speaking of SA, Budd set up dinner with David Kujawa (editor of SA) and 
his lovely wife Diane.  It was really interesting to hear how things 
work at the magazine.

While I was in Phoenix I was able to set up spin recovery training on 
Sunday at Chandler Air Service and on Wednesday at Deer Valley with 
Sonny Weller.

So- 5 days in Phoenix - 3 different airports - 3 different instructors - 
2 1/2 hrs of spins in S-2Cs and 9 hrs of landings in an S-2A and a total 
of 7 hours of ground school.  For a few days I felt I was back in a RAG 
squadron in the Navy.  What a way to get back in the groove!

Carl Cline
Pitts S-1 C & Ultimate 10-200

ps:  I'm taking delivery of my Ultimate tomorrow. Does anyone out there 
know anything about them?  I can't find anything except a 1989 Sport 
Pilot PIREP.

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