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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] I: S-2B Engine Mounts


Thread: [Acro] I: S-2B Engine Mounts

Message: [Acro] I: S-2B Engine Mounts

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From: "Giovanni Valmori" <givalmor at>

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 10:57:26 UTC


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Da: Giovanni Valmori 
A: mailto:acro at 
Data invio: luned́ 29 aprile 2002 11.59
Oggetto: R: [Acro] S-2B Engine Mounts

Dear Gentleman
                          I need to change engine mount on my S2B (certified) in Italy.
I found that the mount in my S2B are the Lord J 7401-2 that are the same installed in the pitts S2A.
I am surprised to find that, because the 4 cylinders engine has a different weight from the 6 cylinders.
Someboby can tell me if this is correct or was a mistake from previos sobstitution?
Furthemore, somebody can suggest me if are better the barry or the lord?
In case of lord which is the P/N correct for the S2B certified?
In case of Barry which is the P/N correct to order from Spruce? The Aviat P/N is a different P/N from Barry.

I made too many questions.

Thanks in advance to everybody who can give me an help

Giovanni Valmori
Pitts S2B Italy  

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  Da: Ian Billing 
  A: Nate Wilson 
  Cc: IAC Exploder 
  Data invio: venerd́ 18 gennaio 2002 9.41
  Oggetto: [Acro] Re: S-2B Mounts

  The part number for the Barry mounts from Aviat is 60012 and they cost $32.06 (ie. $256.48 for a set of eight).
  I ordered them about three weeks ago and have already installed them in my S2B.
  From the research that I did on the Lord mounts, I was told that, although they work, they need to be drilled out in order to fit correctly. Aviat said that it would not be a problem and that it was okay to install the Lord's on my certified aircraft, but I rather took the ones that fit right first time and that were supplied by the factory.
  Aviat themselves do not supply the Lord's but they say that that is only because they cannot get the right pricing and not because they don't believe that they are okay.
  Hope it helps.
  Ian Billing
  ibilling at
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    From: Nate Wilson 
    To: IAC 
    Sent: Friday, January 18, 2002 3:30 AM
    Subject: [Acro] S-2B Mounts

    Hi All,

          I know this subject came up not long ago on the list, just need a current part number for Lord and Barry engine mounts for Pitts S-2B. The number on the existing mount is J-7401-2. Not sure if this mount still exists or if it has been superseded. Not sure whether I will get Lord or Barry yet, so if anyone has ordered a set of either lately and has the number would appreciate it very much. Also curious if there is a Lord mount for homebuilts (non-certified) made for a dynafocal mount on a 540 Lycoming. Aircraft Spruce lists some similar to the J-7402-5, but they are uncertified I assume and cost much less. I figured the same mount used for a Dynafocal 360 would fit, but wasn't sure if it is made to handle the extra stress of the 6 cylinder engine. Thanks in advance for any and all input. Not going to put the uncertified mounts in the certified S-2B of course, just curious to know for my S-1-11B project.

    Nate Wilson
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