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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Safety Pilot


Thread: [Acro] Re: Safety Pilot

Message: [Acro] Re: Safety Pilot

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From: John Cornwell <jwcornwell at>

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 16:10:35 UTC


  Of course.  I was just having fun.

And Brian still beat you by about 45 minutes.


"Bruce Johnson" <bjohnsonf16 at> wrote:
Hey John, I'll beat Brian to the gate on this one, I'm 3 hours earlier on
the right cost.

Rules are instituted for a particular reason.  They are both literal and
spiritual.  You of course are referring to the letter of the rule.  BUT  the
spirit of the rule is to offer recreational pilots and above, who still are
not quite comfortable with their abilities, the experience of competition.
If we were to allow "passengers", I'd bring along Phil Knight!  Of course
I'd not allow him to talk, really.

Bruce Johnson
IAC Safety

However...The rules (at least my antiquated copy) don't say anything about
qualifications of a "safety pilot."  So if your student pilot is looking for
competition "ride," he could act as safety pilot for a basic or sportsman
competitor (hopefully one who doesn't need a safety pilot).

Ok Brian, I'm ready for it.

"Greg Dungan" <dungangd at> wrote:
Yes, see Rule 2.1 of the IAC Rule Book.  "Each competitor must possess at
least a Recreational Pilot certificate with rating appropriate to the class
of aircraft to be flown (power or glider) and a current medical certificate
to be registered in the contest.  These certificates must be shown to the
contest officials as required.  See 4.2.2 (i) for medical requirements for
glider pilots."

Student pilots do not qualify for entering a contest.  Suggest encouraging
the student pilot to come to the contest, if possible as there is plenty of
fun to be had, but I'd also encourage them to focus available time and
monetary resources on finishing their Recreational or Private Pilot
certificate ASAP so they can join in the airborne fun, too!

Greg Dungan
IAC 16628, Ch's 58 & 23
Pitts S-1S+, N16628
National Judge
Patuxent River, MD

>From: John Cornwell <jwcornwell at>
>To: "charles chadwick" <bubbaron at>, "iac list"
><acro at>
>Subject: [Acro] Re: STUDENT PILOT
>Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 20:58:13 -0400
>I think you need at least a recreational pilot certificate
>."charles chadwick" <bubbaron at> wrote:
> > ---------------------------------------------
> > Attachment:
> > MIME Type: multipart/alternative
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>Can a student pilot compete in a contest with a safety pilot?

Greg Dungan
IAC 16628, Ch 58
Pitts S-1S, N16628
National Judge
Patuxent River, MD

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