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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] ICAS low level card fees


Thread: [Acro] ICAS low level card fees

Message: [Acro] ICAS low level card fees

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From: Dleedom at

Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 22:14:42 UTC


  Hi Folks,
I'm the knuckle head that started this mess so it is my obligation to try and clean it up. I had a talk with John Cudahy, ICAS President, this morning. He was fairly upset and had a right to be. I was fueled by anger that I and everyone seeking a competancy card was being shamlessly ripped off. A further misunderstanding lead me to believe they were intentionally waiting to send the paperwork to the Feds trying to draw an extra $50. I was wrong on both counts. I said some pretty harsh words that hurt some folks who where not, in any way, at fault. I freely admit I was very much in the wrong. I shot off my mouth and put some pretty big bullet holes in my foot as well. I'm pretty upset with myself for not handling this in a much more adult fashion. 
John, to you and your folks at ICAS I sincerely appoligize. I allowed myself to take my mis placed anger out on your program and your folks. Again, I am sorry.
As for the rest of you folks, if you haven't read John's email, I strongly suggest you do.
The numbers, time, work, employee costs, insurance and lost time due to legal and admisistrative problems (especially when dealing with the govenment where nearly everything takes longer and cost more than it probably should) real do add up.
If any of you want see my wag at it, it comes out to about $60K before the $16K insurance most of us didn't know about. That's about $76K per year (using 75% of my rough guess of salery/employee insurance/a reasonable office rent/supplys/utilitys plus the $16K insurance) vs. apx. 350 card holders at $200 each for a total $70K. Close enough for me. I don't like it that it should cost that much but what's new. Yes John, I can do math. 
I'm a big boy, I was wrong and I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. I was wrong!

No folks, I didn't sell out to ICAS and I was not threatened in any way. However, my feelings about ICAS have changed some.  I didn't have strong feelings one way or another until the discovering the price hike. Do I think ICAS is the answer for the airshow industry? I don't know, or pretend to. Am I happy about paying $200 for a card? NO! But I can understand why it cost that. Should it cost that? I don't think so but do not think it is ICAS causing it.
As for the ACE program, the ACE I used charges $150 to make the 2 hour drive, one way, to the airport, he charges nothing to renew at airshows. If one pilots is getting his card he pays the $150, if 2 fly they pay $75 each, 3 $50 each. The level doen't matter. The charge is for the time and travel and I think it is a bargin.

I know there are some other folks out there with gripes about ICAS. I would recommend they call John Cudahy, you may have to agree to disagree, but he will talk to you. Who knows you might even get something fixed and if not you will have the words from the horses mouth to argue with. Trust me it tastes better than crow.

My only hope now is that this very embarrassing (for me) episode will maybe lead to some constructive healing for airshow flyers as a whole. 
John, thanks for posting your explination, it is much clearer than I could make it. Agian, please except my appology.

Keep'em Flyin
Dave Leedom


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