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Hi All,
If I may, here are my two cents worth on competitions and airshows.  I have found from my military experience that habit patterns will save your life in aviation, if they haven't already.  Competitions teach you habit patterns whether you want to learn them or not, i.e. walking through your routine, bringing your plane to the starter, having the starter brief you on critical safety items, checking your seat belts, fuel, sequence card, etc.

While I have found, and was told early on, that airshow flying and competition are two competely different worlds, the habit patterns you may use to be safe are very similar.  Competitions are a great environment to learn and practice these habit patterns, airshows are not.

Flying differences are great.  I do not believe that competition flying translates to airshow flying.  For example, energy at the crowd is the first big difference that is not even a factor in a typical competition sequence but is a big no-no during an airshow.  You may be an experienced competitor, but if you want to become an experienced airshow pilot, I believe you must check your ego at the door, accept that it is a new kind of flying,start from square one, and listen to everybody in the business.

Anyways, that's my two cents worth.
Fly safe,
Ed Hamill 

They are two competely different kind of flying, however, competitions are a great place to develop your habit patterns.  And habit patterns make you a better airman.

Fly safe,
Ed Hamill

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