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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Wide Chord Blades


Thread: [Acro] Wide Chord Blades

Message: [Acro] Wide Chord Blades

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From: "Richard.Goode" <richard.goode at>

Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 13:48:49 UTC


"Wide Chord Blades" for MT Propeller 

  a.. We have seen and heard a lot about "the new wide chord blade" from MT 
  Propeller and wanted to set the record straight. 
  b.. Inevitably all aerobatic pilots want performance, and it is of 
  course natural to seek the propeller giving the most thrust. 
  c.. MT have developed a propeller, but only for 6 cylinder aircraft 
  producing at least 330-hp. This is the MTV-9-B-C/C203-20d (the C203 refers to the blades). 
  d.. This is a 3-blade propeller with this wide chord blade. 
  e.. After both calculations and practical research, MT are confident that 
  lower powered engines would not benefit from this propeller, and also there is no point to make a version of this blade profile for smaller engines - 
  ie Lycoming 4 cylinder series. 
  f.. Obviously MT will continue to research more efficient profiles, 
  particularly for the aerobatic market, but, for the time being, there is 
  absolutely no intention for any other blade profile, except for these very 
  high performance 6 cylinder engines as above.
We are always happy to answer any queries about MT Propellers. 

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Newport House
United Kingdom

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