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On behalf of an acquaintance, I am wondering if anyone can suggest an airplane mechanic (on either side of the border)
experienced on the type to do a pre-purchase inspection on a Decathlon located in Montreal, Quebec.
Best regards,
Brent Rogers                  | CPL, ASELS, IA
Toronto, Ontario              | COPA # 134213
Canada                          | AOPA # 772585 7     | IAC # 24428, Chapter 88
                                     | Aerobatics Canada, Chapter 3
                                     | Hope Air Volunteer Pilot
                                     | Toronto City Centre Airport Association
                                     | Zlin 242L, C-GJHB, s/n 733
                                     | Zlin 242L, C-GRRL, s/n 688
                                     | PA-32RT-300T, C-GGYM, TurboLance

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