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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Compititon and airshows


Thread: [Acro] Compititon and airshows

Message: [Acro] Compititon and airshows

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From: Dleedom at

Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 02:30:48 UTC


One of the good things that has happened is that ACEs can now move or start 
someone at 500' vs having to fly a number of shows at 800' to move down. This 
allows the ACE to take into account experice (airshow and compition) for the 
first step down. 
500' is low enough to be well seen by the crowd compared to being at pattern 
altitude of 800'. This is the level I am currently at and while I feel I 
could fly lower the ground is REAL BIG and I know I'm about where I should be.
Maybe some of you expericed airshow & competion guys and ACEs out there could 
come up with a formula for adding in contest? Say you need 16 performaces at 
8 show sites to be eligeble to move down, allow say up to 50% to be contest 
(4 contest sites, 8 flights would count but no more) then you would still 
have to have flow 4 different airshows and 8 airshow performances. Just an 
As for me, the ground is hard and gravity is a bitch, I'm going to hang at 
500' for a while.
Keep'em Flyin
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