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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Low time pilot needs insurance for Pitt ...


Thread: [Acro] Low time pilot needs insurance for Pitt ...

Message: [Acro] Low time pilot needs insurance for Pitts S-1S

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From: Klusmanp at

Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 17:18:16 UTC


  Pitts pilots:

Question about Pitts insurance for low time pilot. I have 450 hrs total time. 
I've got only 5 hrs taildragger time but I do have a tailwheel endorsement 
from an aerobatic course I took at Purdue University. One insurance company 
tells me they cannot offer anything to me for a Pitts until I have 250 hrs TD 
time. This is a fairly well established company with access to many 
underwriters. They said they MIGHT be able to find someone to write a policy 
if I get 25 hrs dual in a 2-seat Pitts but they are not too optimistic.

Another insurance company has given me a quote that only requires 10 hrs dual 
in the 2-seater to cover me. Sounds great but now I fear they are some kind 
of fly-by-night operation.

I have arranged to get some dual instruction in an S-2B from a fellow in 
Boulder. I'm thinking 10 - 20 hrs would be reasonable. I've had many people 
tell me you don't just hop into a Pitts and go flying so I'm pretty 
enthusiastic about the dual instruction.

Any low time pilots out there who have successfully done a transition to a 
Pitts please let me know what insurance company you used and how much dual 
you had to get.

Paul Klusman


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