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Well ............. For Sure! We want to be fair to everyone.
This has been kind of fun break, lets say we give it until 1800 EDT and tab the votes
So far this morning, we have
One vote for Steve Pennypacker, KG, Chris Burns (You guys do things strange down there) and myself (thank you Carl but you're crazy)

----- Original Message -----
From: Stephen Seidel
To: Virginia M. Jacobson
Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 3:10 AM
Subject: Re: [Acro] Re: Landing Pitts


Will the results be TBLP normalized in an effort to be fair?

Stephen Seidel
IAC 52

"Virginia M. Jacobson" wrote:

All right ladies and gentleman.Have we heard form all the contestants in this fishing extravaganza? I think it should be close to time to cast our votes for our favorite composers of the brilliant poses we've had the delight to read. I for one do find it difficult to pick a winner but I do know who I vote for as the worst humorist. I think that honor should go to none other than myself. Not only did my pose lack real imagination and was grammatically offending it also lacked the witticism that others expressed so well. I know from my past few posts that many may find it hard to believe but I am a college graduate and no, not from "Three Stooges U" which should of been painfully apparent. In my humble opinion I believe that Steve Pennypacker, Klein Gilhousen and Randy Reed are in the top three. Lets say that we cast our votes and get back to more serious conversations after all it is flying season.  

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