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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Landing Pitts


Thread: [Acro] Re: Landing Pitts

Message: [Acro] Re: Landing Pitts

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From: "David Magaw" <dmagaw at>

Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 03:14:13 UTC


  Well FWIW, my instructor was from Italy, and he also does not prefer the
slipping method of landing an S2B except as to see the runway or correct for
wind.  He has me keep pattern altitude until final, then cut the power and
keep 100 to 105 MPH.  With this angle of descent, you can see the runway
very well right up until the flair--then hold it level in ground effect
until it just starts to sink and ease it back to the 3 point until it won't
stay in the air any longer, when its on the ground securely, then full stick
back.  Seems to work good and I have had a number of successful landings.
We have done slipping turns to land also, but the flair and landing are the
same technique.

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From: "miki golan" <mg at>
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Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 9:13 AM
Subject: [Acro] Re: Landing Pitts

> Well, I'm finally flying my S2B solo!!!!
> My instructor, Izchaki, which had no previous Pitts experience, flew
> with me for 6 hours before he felt I was "ok". He then flew with
> me for additional 3 days (1.5 hr) not touching the controls or
> talking at all, before he actually allowed me to Solo.
> The runway is VERY narrow (55 feet wide) and pretty short (2500 feet),
> with normal pattern at 800 feet. This width really leaves zero room
> for errors! Like I've told the list before, Izchaki has
> 30 years of experience with over 30,000 hours in various
> kinds of aircrafts, from P51D to crop dusters to helicopters, and
> he test-flew my Pitts and landed without any problems. In fact, he
> has only done 5 landings before he flew with me in the back seat,
> allowing me to attempt to land. For several times, I was certain
> we've lost the aircraft altogether, thanks to my "abilities", but
> he took over and landed...
> Anyhow, the interesting thing is, Izchaki really hates the "American"
> way of landing with power-off and extreme slip, and he insisted that
> I'll come in a pretty normal glide with engine, and slide the aircraft
> as little as possible to see the numbers. I kept claiming that he
> is just re-inventing the wheel and that the power-off method was
> safer and much easier to master, but eventually I've learned to
> control the aircraft "his way" and I feel fine landing it
> with power on (up to the begining of the flair). Izchaki insist that
> the power-off slip, with the decesend speed of a heli auto-rotation,
> is risky and could result in a serious crash if the flare is begun
> too late.
> Are there other people who land a Pitts this way? Does the width
> of the runway a factor in a decision which method to use? or?...
> --Michael Golan
>   TelAviv


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