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RE: [Acro] Low time pilot needs insurance for Pitts S-1S

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RE: [Acro] Low time pilot needs insurance for Pitts S-1S

Ok, I probably fell into that category when I first started thinking of buying my Pitts.

The bottom line is that I could not get insurance without 60hrs tail dragger time and about 25hrs dual in type. This was through Avemco. Most other insurance companies would not even consider me. I did close to 30 hrs circuits and advanced spin training in B's and A's before I soloed my T.

What you may find is that the policy will be easier to get if your 25hrs is with somebody well known for turning out safe Pitts pilots. I know that it made a difference to me because my primary instructor (Gerry Younger of Kitchener/Waterloo) is well known to them.


Peter Ashwood-Smith

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