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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Comparing Judge's Performance (was Cont ...


Thread: [Acro] Comparing Judge's Performance (was Cont ...

Message: [Acro] Comparing Judge's Performance (was Contest Scoring Program)

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From: Larry Lowe <webmaster at>

Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 18:58:13 UTC


jeffery at wrote:
> So, what would it take to get the BOD to formally look into the issue of
> including JPF as a routine report for all contests?  
> > Don and Ben,
> >  Look at this JPF thing in another light..If the JPF's were posted each
> > flight/contest the host chapter could give 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies
> > to the 3 top judges. To go a little farther, all the pilots see their annual
> > National standing  in SA each year..With JPF the same could be done for the
> > judges....BUT..I personally do not see any of this happening. It would not
> > be politically correct.

'Political correctness' (whatever that is) aside, it seems to me that
one would want to be very careful about the use and distribution of JPF ratings.

On one hand, if the Chief Judge were to sit down, privately, with each
judge after the contest is over and review that judge's JPF rating with
a goal to make that individual judge aware of the kinds of trends and
errors are showing up in his/her scoring, then you MIGHT get some slow
movement towards consistency of application of criteria and a greater
consistency of rank order of the pilots in the contest--which, after
all, is the whole point.

On the other, even if you go only so far as to post the JPF's on the
bulletin board after the contest, never mind in SA or on the web for the
whole community to see, you will engender competition among the judges
for the best JPF.  Which sounds vaguely wonderful until you realize that
once that competition gets going, judges will start to adjust their
scores to get the best JPF rating--not to sort out the pilots in rank
order.  Soon they will all be entering 7.5's for every pilot for every
figure and getting uniformly high JPF ratings.  And we'll have no idea
whatsoever who the best aerobatic pilot was because the event has been
turned into a judging contest.

Evaluation of Judges based on each judge's rank order of the pilots
compared to the final results can help each judge figure out for
themselves how they might improve their pilot comparison, even if they
tend to score all the pilots say, lower than their fellow judges.

A full-tilt Judge's contest, on the other hand, will distort the entire
process into a means of sorting out which judge can best manipulate the
TBL and JPF algorithm.  Which does not translate into sorting out the
best aerobatic pilot.

I cannot speak to the political correctness of turning competition
aerobatics into a judges contest.

But doing so seems to me to be operationally the antithesis of the point
of the sport.

The kinds of personalities involved in aerobatics are by nature
competitive.  Toss out an idea on the mailing list and soon it becomes
an 'idea contest' between the proponents and the detractors, with the
goal to win the contest of having the idea turned into rule.  Vote to
maintain the status quo and you are suddenly in a 'political
correctness' contest whether you like it or not.

It's worth remembering what competition we are trying to foster and to
measure and which sub-competitions are counterproductive to that goal.

My two cents...

Larry Lowe


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