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Sorry to have to post on this subject again, but there was one area in your posting yesterday that perplexed me just a little.  Here's the quote:
"I can speak as a board member of both when I say that they are guide lines in place that limit the placement of new people on a team after January 1 of the team year. This rule was put in place at the request of members of previous teams who felt that it was unfair to have an alternate be standing by up until the date of departure."
As the former Secretary of the IAC from 1997-2001, I don't remember ever voting on a policy that would require that there would be no placement of alternate team members after January 1st of the team year, so I did a little research.  I always knew that at some point keeping every Board Agenda packet and every set of minutes would come in handy some day.
Anyway, the only reference to the date January 1st with regards to US Teams that I could find after reading every set of meeting minutes that I have, came from a motion made on February 27, 1999:
Here is the motion and its amendment:
P & P 704 (2)
Motion: Made by Tom Adams and seconded by Gerry Molidor
It is moved that the P&P manual, section 704, paragraph (2) U.S. Aerobatic Team (Unlimited-Power) Selection Procedures be amended to the following after the mission statement. “As long as CIVA has the gender specific aerobatic teams (Men and Women) the three highest scoring pilots that place in the top ten at the most recent WAC will automatically be selected as members of the next team. Should CIVA change its rules to make unlimited international competition gender neutral the three top pilots that finish in the top 1/3 of the previous WAC will automatically be selected as members of the next team. They will not be required to attend either qualifying contest, but will receive this position by their placement at the WAC. These pilots must commit to take these team positions by January 1st of the year for the selection of the next team. If he/she elects to take one of these positions then he/she will agree to attend and fly in the European Championships during the selection year. If this is not accomplished then he/she will forfeit their place on the team.”
Motion carried unanimously
Amended Motion: Made by Tom Adams and seconded Bob Davis
It is moved to amend the above motion to read: “The two highest scoring pilots that place in the top ten at the most recent WAC (or if gender specific 1 of each) will automatically be selected as members of the next team.
Motion carried unanimously
This motion has nothing to do with team members deciding whether they want to compete at the World championships.  This motion means that those who qualified to forego the team selection process and instead attend the European Championships, that they had to make that decision by January 1st of the Team selection year.  If there were motions passed that I'm not aware of, could you direct me to where I can find them?
Even if this were a real policy, I have to go back to talking about making exceptions to all of these rules and ask this question.  Was Mike Mangold called after January 1st to replace David Windmiller?  I don't know the answer to that question, so I'm definitely not trying to set anybody up.  I'm just curious as to when Mike was offered the position on the team.
Please know that this is a very important issue to me and the Advanced Team has always been very dear to my heart.  I'm not trying to be a thorn in anyone's side, but having worked closely with USAF, and having been through many ups and downs with the organization as a former member of the IAC Board, I have to ask these questions.  This isn't a personal attack on anyone.

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