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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Danny Adams - Aviat Representative

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Danny Adams - Aviat Representative


Thread: [Acro] Danny Adams - Aviat Representative

Message: [Acro] Danny Adams - Aviat Representative

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From: GJunkie1 at

Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 20:23:21 UTC


  Most of you who have been to contests in the last 2-3 years know about Danny 
Adams, the Aviat mechanic/guru who helps us trouble shoot and maintain our 
Pitts Specials.  He worked on my S2-B for nearly 1/2 day at Atlanta getting 
the "new & improved" voltage regulator working - and he did it!

Speaking with him later, I learned that Aviat pays him only Monday through 
Friday, so at a Friday/Saturday contest, Aviat pays his way to the contest 
and expenses for Thursday & Friday, but Saturdays & Sundays on Danny!!  I 
tried to pay him for his time and I offered him all the time he wanted in the 
S2-B, but he turned both down - he doesn't really like flying, just working 
on them.  But he wouldn't take any money either.

I was very upset with the factory over the whole voltage regulator fiasco, 
but that is another story, but Danny is the best PR Aviat could ever have, 
and they don't pay him for his good will and assistance to us.

This message has 2 purposes:  1) to let everyone know what a great resource 
we have in Danny, and he doesn't get paid for all of his time, 2) He won't 
take money or airplane rides, so can we ensure that his hotel and meals are 
covered to help compensate him for his time & expenses?

It is my understanding that contest directors request his presence, and if 
his schedule allows, he shows up.  The CD and the competitors need to make 
sure he is housed and fed.  My first idea is to increase the entry fee by $5 
per competitor - this is a small amount and would cover his costs.  I know we 
all don't use his services at each contest, but the $35 - $45 we would each 
spend toward this is still hundreds of dollars less than it would cost to get 
our planes fixed the one time we do need him.

Any other ideas, especially from CDs with upcoming contests where Danny will 
be there?  Maybe if we just put a donation box at the registration table 
there would be enough.

If you got to here, thanks for reading and remember Danny does this because 
he likes it.

Steve Johnson
Pitts S-2B
Nashville, TN


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