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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] best unlimited 2-seater


Thread: [Acro] best unlimited 2-seater

Message: [Acro] best unlimited 2-seater

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From: PittsS1 at

Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 21:02:01 UTC


nobody has mentioned the G-202.

       for those who know it all, yes it is small, yes the front seat is 
small, yes its only powered by a aeio-360, yes there was a structural failure 
in france due to different construction methods, yes a spin accident in 
colorado, yes a fuel starvation on final at oshkosh.  there are probably less 
than 50 flying and i know of none currently flying unlimited but a 202 did 
place about 25th in the WAC several years ago.
       it needs speed, it will not cap like its big horsepower brothers nor 
will it accerlerate across the box. a different mindset is required to fly it 
well, up and down and not across the box. from the bottom of the box at 230 
mph ias you'll own the sky.
       it'll do more vert rolls than are allowed with a roll rate that 
compares with the best; all with finger tip pressure.
       cross country, it'll make you smile. at 200mph tas and 1000sm range no 
contest is too far away. the best part is about 10.5 gph!
       th cockpit is small but very comfortable thanks to the reclined seat. 
install a cd player you may fall asleep on a long trip. the front seat is ok 
but not big, a great place for your overnight bags.
       take/off and landing - a bit faster than most but straight as an 
arrow. it'll probably take/off and land with your feet flat on the floor!
       gas - a hard 35 minute practice session will only use 6-7 gallons of 
gas, love it!
       a good 202 with a straight valve aeio-360 and a 2 blade composite prop 
should weight about 1030 pounds empty. gross weight - its up to the builder 
but about 1600 pounds.
       its not perfect but nothing is. ask someone who flies one!


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