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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] For Sale: 1994 SU31 400hp IACFS

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] For Sale: 1994 SU31 400hp IACFS


Thread: [Acro] For Sale: 1994 SU31 400hp IACFS

Message: [Acro] For Sale: 1994 SU31 400hp IACFS

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From: Hubie Tolson <tolson at>

Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 19:13:47 UTC


  For Sale:

1994 SU 31. 500tt
M14PF 400 hp 500 tt - no signs of getting tired.
MTV-9 - 260 (long blades) prop. Overhauled a year (and 50 hours) ago.
Cockpit controlled oil cooler door.
Cockpit controlled air pressure bypass.
B&C Light weight electric
B&C gel cell battery
Garmin 250XL GPS map/com
Garmin transponder
Navy blue and white with red trim. Good cosmetically (7.5 on the Extra
8 gallon smoke. All new solenoids throughout.
75 gallon fuel (appx 19 gals in acro tank). No belly tank to mess with.
165 kt cruise.
No damage history.
Includes Russian chute.
Includes jacks.
Very well kept logs and records, including repair, maintenance and
operating manuals.
For overseas shipment to most locations, including packaging and
insurance, add $5,500.00 USD

This was Richard Goode's demonstrator for the first 250 hours. Then, the
plane was purchased in the US by an owner who did not use the plane for
competition. The second owner flew the plane and engine very
conservatively. It has been maintained by Vladimir Yastremski in most
cases. I believe the engine is good for another season or two, perhaps
much more. It is stronger than my other new 400hp M14PF. Cost to zero
time engine is around $12,000.00. I have flown the plane 15 hours or so,
and it is squawk free.

$155,000.00 USD with new annual.

If you're interested, send your contact information and questions and
I'll respond with pics and answers.


Hubie Tolson


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