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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Advanced World Aerobatic Team Status


Thread: [Acro] Re: Advanced World Aerobatic Team Status

Message: [Acro] Re: Advanced World Aerobatic Team Status

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From: "Kester Scrope" <kester at>

Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 17:52:29 UTC


  Having put forward a team after the closing date for entries does that mean
the USA will be flying hors de concourse?....


I look forward to seeing the USA team in Slovenia,

----- Original Message -----
From: Lisa Popp <lpopp at>
To: ACRO Exploder (E-mail) <acro at>
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 3:32 AM
Subject: [Acro] Advanced World Aerobatic Team Status

> An important message from IAC Headquarters.
> Dear IAC Members:
> Many have called and emailed requesting an explanation of what has
> transpired with the US Advanced Team.  I personally thank you for your
> patience in waiting for us to respond to your requests as we worked to
> a very delicate situation.
> Since the selection of eight members (6 members and 2 alternates) of the
> Advanced Team at our US Nationals in Denison last September, a number of
> changes and complications have transpired. First amongst those is that, of
> the eight Team members selected, six, for their own private reasons,
> to retire from the team.  This left only two who were able and inclined to
> attend, Bubba Vidrine and Julia Wood.   As our strategic partner in
> and deploying our world teams, the United States Aerobatic Foundation
> is obliged to fund "teams" rather than individuals and disbanded the AWAC
> team because only two team members remained after the resignations were
> received (By CIVA regulations, a "team" consists of  three or more
> competitors.)   This is completely within their authority pursuant to the
> agreements between IAC and the Foundation.
> However, the IAC Board questioned whether the remaining two pilots should
> allowed to attend AWAC as 1) the US had not failed to send contestants to
> any world aerobatic competition for an unbroken 42 years, and 2) the two
> remaining pilots were offering to attend AWAC at no cost to IAC or USAF.
> Following a teleconference with the IAC Board to gain advice and draw a
> consensus, IAC President Rob Dorsey made an executive decision to allow
> two remaining team members to attend under the flag of the United States
> with the support of IAC despite the fact that they were no longer a team
> under the definition of the world organization, CIVA.  The compromise met
> the consensus of the IAC board and provided representation to the World
> Advanced competition which all felt met our obligations to the National
> Aeronautics Association [NAA] to provide "individuals or teams to compete
> world events." All in all, a good and workable compromise.
> This compromise seemed to satisfy all concerned at the time; however,
> without further consultation or discussion with the IAC President, two IAC
> directors, Mike Heuer and Bubba Vidrine, took it upon themselves to
> an effort to bypass IAC's team selection process and authority and, with
> Julia Wood and Don Peterson, an Advanced competitor who was not part of
> team, sent petitions directly to NAA asking them to form a new US AWAC
> with them as the members. These petitions were denied by NAA citing that
> find .. no reason to intercede by sending the paperwork directly to the
> contest organizer as you have requested" and "we believe it would be
> inappropriate for NAA to intercede in the selection process by naming a
> third person." Though denied, the action by these petitioners constitutes
> the most serious and direct threat to IAC's team selection authority in
> memory and, if successful, would have set a precedent which would have
> troubled both NAA and IAC for many years to come. It might have meant that
> in the future anyone wishing to be placed on a team could simply petition
> NAA and, if successful, thereby circumvent IAC's entire team selection
> process. We are thankful for the wisdom of NAA in denying these petitions.
> Mere hours after NAA's decision to deny the petitions, US Advanced Team
> member Bob Freeman contacted USAF President, Steve Cunningham, to ask that
> he be allowed to resume his position on the team. As this would allow us
> reconstitute a bona fide US Advanced Team with members who were
> selected by IAC's team selection process at the US Nationals, USAF and IAC
> moved quickly to put the team back together.  The team members were
> that USAF would fund the three member team as required by the letter of
> agreement between the IAC and USAF. We should applaud Bob Freeman, who
> worked with former Advanced Team Captain, Bob Stark, to find Bob an
> to fly in Slovenia. We will now be represented by a Team rather than two
> individual pilots and that team is one which was selected through the
> team selection process. All in all, a win all around for both the IAC
> membership and the individuals involved.
> Below is the announcement letter from the Foundation for your interest. If
> you have a chance, please drop Bob Freeman (who has been named by USAF and
> IAC as Team Representative) a line of congratulations for stepping forward
> to reconstitute the US Advanced Team. This is great news and we all should
> be glad that a team will represent the United States in Slovenia this
> August.
> (Copy of Stephen Cunningham e-mail message)
> To: Rob Dorsey, IAC President
> From: Stephen Cunningham, President
> U.S. Aerobatic Foundation
> Re: Reconstituted AWAC 2002 - Slovenia
> Date: June 12, 2002
> CC: Advanced Team, Board of Trustees, CIVA Delegation & Lisa Popp
> I am pleased to notify you of the following Good News!
> Effective immediately the US Aerobatic Foundation, in concert with Rob
> Dorsey, IAC President is reconstituting the 2002 AWAC Team.  This AWAC
> is made up of the following 3 pilots:
> Robert Freeman, Team Representative & Delegate
> Bubba Vidrine
> Julia Wood
> This decision supercedes my May 13, 2002 decision not to fund and deploy
> 2 remaining AWAC pilots since that complement of pilots did not constitute
> Team. That action followed the decision of four of the six pilots opting
> to participate in the AWAC for various personal reasons.
> Robert Freeman requested in the attached email that we honor the reversal
> his earlier decision to decline participation and that we reinstate him to
> the 2002 AWAC Team.
> Consequently the US Aerobatic Foundation will, in accordance with our
> of Agreement with the IAC, fund and deploy these three individuals as the
> 2002 AWAC Team.  Immediately, I will send in the Official Entry Forms with
> the requisite entry fee and provide uniforms for the three pilots and two
> judges.
> Special thanks and recognition must be directed toward two individuals for
> making this Good News happen. First, Bob Freeman for his continued pursuit
> of an avenue that would allow his participation and to Bob Stark ('99
> Advanced Team member and '00 AWAC Team manager) for diligently assisting
> Freeman in obtaining a G-200 aircraft to fly in Europe.
> We all can take great joy in the fact that the United States will be
> appropriately represented at this international event.  We wish them good
> luck and Godspeed.
> Attachment:
> (Copy of Robert Freeman email message) From: Bob Freeman
> <bfreeman at>
> To: "Cunningham Stephen (E-mail)" <scunningham at>
> Subject: 2002 AWAC Participation
> Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 12:27:37 -0600
> Steve,
> I am writing to inform you of some late breaking news involving my
> participation in AWAC 2002.
> For some background I will include this quotation from my e-mail of May
> "As you know, I have given careful consideration to the issues
> surrounding my participation in AWAC.  I am unable to make the commitment
> this time to participate.  Fundamentally, I cannot make a commitment at
> point without more definitive plans than I am able to confirm at this
> in time. The issues I've had with procuring the necessary a/c insurance
> coverage in Slovenia have not been resolved. Therefore, I think it is
> reasonable and logical for me to change from my initial plan of taking my
> a/c, to an alternate plan of flying a rental a/c. The situation with the
> Aero Sport Extra 200 availability is unknown, and I can't make a
> to that plan without better definition. The last alternative is to pursue
> rented a/c in Europe. I would consider this possibility further, but
> unfortunately I never expected this alternative to be required and have
> pursued it in any detail." End of quotation.
> In the time since our team phone call and that e-mail, and intentionally
> of the spotlight of the raging debate, I have been working to find an
> aircraft to rent.  I have been unsuccessful in several attempts.  Last
> however, I was able to reach an agreement with some very generous pilots
> the Italian team that will allow me to fly the G-200 that they will be
> flying at AWAC.
> I believe that this could help resolve some of the political problems for
> all involved.  It seems to me that this takes us out of uncharted
> and puts us back into charted territory, with three pilots that declared
> qualified for the US team per IAC/USAF policies.  I hope that this new
> information provides all the organizations enough leeway to resolve the
> outstanding funding questions in a manner that can be positively viewed in
> all camps and communities.  Some may believe that I am changing my
> but the reality is that I have been consistent in identifying and working
> through the issues required for me to participate.
> The biggest issues now are to get back into the fund raising task and to
> serious training.  As you know, we have had minimal success in raising
> for the Advanced team, even within the membership.  I hope the aerobatic
> community will step up with some funding assistance specifically for the
> Advanced team, given the outrage expressed when confronted with the idea
> that there would be no US AWAC team this year.
> Respectfully,
> Bob Freeman


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