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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Advanced World Aerobatic Team Status


Thread: [Acro] Re: Advanced World Aerobatic Team Status

Message: [Acro] Re: Advanced World Aerobatic Team Status

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From: Bubba Vidrine <bubba26 at>

Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 20:09:49 UTC



I don't think your e-mail is really representative of the situation.


Lisa Popp wrote:

> Following a teleconference with the IAC Board to gain advice and draw a
> consensus, IAC President Rob Dorsey made an executive decision to 
> allow the
> two remaining team members to attend under the flag of the United 
> States and
> with the support of IAC despite the fact that they were no longer a team
> under the definition of the world organization, CIVA.

How can Rob Dorsey have made an executive decision? He is in no way 
authorized to do so. By-laws Article V, Section II, 2 "The executive 
committee shall have such power and authority as shall be delegated to 
it by the Board of Directors." The board never delegated this authority 
to the executive committee, not to mention that the executive committee 
was never consulted on this issue.

> The compromise met the consensus of the IAC board and provided 
> representation to the World
> Advanced competition which all felt met our obligations to the National
> Aeronautics Association [NAA] to provide "individuals or teams to 
> compete in
> world events." All in all, a good and workable compromise.

According to the letter of agreement with the NAA, the IAC is 
responsible for "selection, training and participation of all teams 
representing the United States in all FAI international aerobatic 
competitions and World championships." You will also find this in the 
letter of agreement with USAF. To mention individuals in only your 
interpretation of what teams means.

> This compromise seemed to satisfy all concerned at the time; however,
> without further consultation or discussion with the IAC President, two 
> directors, Mike Heuer and Bubba Vidrine, took it upon themselves to 
> organize
> an effort to bypass IAC's team selection process and authority and, with
> Julia Wood and Don Peterson, an Advanced competitor who was not part 
> of the
> team, sent petitions directly to NAA asking them to form a new US AWAC 
> team
> with them as the members.

Lisa, when saying "without further consultation or discussion with the 
IAC president" you failed to mention the request for a meeting by a 
majority of the board which was denied by the president himself.

> These petitions were denied by NAA citing that "we
> find .. no reason to intercede by sending the paperwork directly to the
> contest organizer as you have requested" and "we believe it would be
> inappropriate for NAA to intercede in the selection process by naming a
> third person."

The NAA also mentioned in their response that "action of this type 
should only be taken when all other avenues have been exhausted." Since 
the petitioners were not aware of Mr. Freeman's intentions - for it was 
requested by USAF that he keeps his intentions confidential until public 
announcement would be made - and that the IAC president refused to allow 
the board to meet on this issue, I would say that all other avenues had 
been exhausted before taking such action.

> Though denied, the action by these petitioners constitutes
> the most serious and direct threat to IAC's team selection authority in
> memory and, if successful, would have set a precedent which would have
> troubled both NAA and IAC for many years to come.

These are serious accusations and your opinion only.

> USAF and IAC
> moved quickly to put the team back together.

Although I am in favor of reinstating Bob Freeman on the team, I would 
like to remind you that the IAC cannot move without the consent of the 
Board of Directors. In this case, one should have read USAF and Mr. Rob 
Dorsey, whom does not have the authority to act as such, for the Board 
of Directors was never informed of the situation.

> We should applaud Bob Freeman, who
> worked with former Advanced Team Captain, Bob Stark, to find Bob an 
> airplane
> to fly in Slovenia.

I think you need to also applaud the two individuals that have stood by 
their decision to represent the United States during this entire debate.

Keep it simple. Just the facts please. That's what the membership asked 

Stephanie Vidrine
IAC member

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