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I used clear packaging tape to cover two of the three hinge gaps on the lower side of my ailerons.  I didn't cove the hinges behind the spades.  Wow, what a difference in roll characteristics.  Since my test flight was done 15 minutes from a legit practice area, I couldn't do full rolls but what I could do really amazed me. 

Prior to this change, I found my ailerons to be non-linear.  There is no centering, thus, no break-out force (or very little) and as the stick goes to about 2/3 travel, the stick force seems to get lighter.  I wouldn't say the ailerons are "snatchy" but the feel close to that.

Now, with the gap seals on, they get "snatchy-like" earlier and they seem much more effective.

Since I'm not an engineer type, you'll have to forgive the layman's terms but I'm hoping someone will have had a similar experience and be able to provide some input as to whether this is normal or not.

Bill Bancroft
Chapter 36
San Diego, CA

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