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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] IAC President's Resignation


Thread: [Acro] IAC President's Resignation

Message: [Acro] IAC President's Resignation

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From: Rob Dorsey <rob at>

Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 16:32:26 UTC


Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you know, I have not posted to this exploder for over a year and have
asked the other officers of IAC to do likewise. The reason was not
secrecy or a lack of desire to communicate but simply that this forum is
unmonitored and has been a venue in the past for the most foul of
trolls. I therefore did not have time to sort out the wheat from the
e-chaff. I hope that you will understand. I am posting here, however,
because recent events have brought me to a most painful decision.

I have, this day, resigned as from the position of President of the
International Aerobatic Club, effective immediately.

I am afraid that, with all of my work to expand the horizons of IAC to
meet your needs and to reach out to the entire membership, I fell victim
to intra-board politics. The reasons are complex but centered around the
battle over the constitution of the 2002 Advanced Team selection. I am
not going to bore you with a blow by blow of my side of the story. Just
let it suffice to tell you that statements made in the posts of Mike
Heuer and Stephanie Vidrine are just not true or serious distortions of
fact. Those of you who know me can make up your own minds as to who is
telling the truth.

I will miss many of the projects I had initiated but mostly I will miss
writing my Stick & Rudder column for Sport Aerobatics. The interaction
with those who read my column was warming and gratifying. I wish to
particularly extend my warmest appreciation to those who took the time
to email, write or call with kind words of encouragement and
appreciation for my work. It kept me going for the three year run of my

Over my tenure I was proud to forge important new initiatives with FAA
concerning aerobatic boxes and airspace, to patch up the faltering
relationship with USAF so that the two organization might function as
true partners in funding international competition teams and to begin a
burgeoning and exciting relationship with Sun & Fun concerning the WAC
2003. There were other projects, like a new website for IAC, all of
which will probably now be dismantled by Mike Heuer and his pack who
will no doubt follow the conqueror's model of burning, raising the
ground and sowing salt.

For me, I intend to occupy myself with other endeavors which were
precluded by the 30+ hours per week I devoted to IAC.. I will be seeking
a new venue for my writing, finishing a couple of books which have let
languish during the intense work of being IAC President and I have three
airplanes to fly and maintain, trout to catch and a new gun dog to train
into his first season. In short I can reclaim my life.

I will be available at this address if you have any questions or

Most Sincerely Yours,
Rob Dorsey
IAC 389
Attachement 1: rob.vcf


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