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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: IAC President's Resignation

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: IAC President's Resignation


Thread: [Acro] Re: IAC President's Resignation

Message: [Acro] Re: IAC President's Resignation

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From: Randy Reed <reedrandy at>

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 15:50:30 UTC


  I agree.  I enjoy the "Stick and Rudder".  Being new
to competitive aerobatics,  it was helpful to me.  I
don't know anything about the political part and to be
honest I don't care.  I just want to fly and compete. 
This is my first year and I am having a ball.  I just
hate that feelings are hurt and from what i have read
the feelings can't be healed at this point.  I would
like to see all the hate stuff "stuffed" and get on
with the flying.  There are already too few of us
flying aerobatics and I am afraid this will make us
look bad to the rest of the flying community.  randy

--- John Cornwell <jwcornwell at> wrote:
> I would hope that Rob Dorsey continued to write
> Stick & Rudder.  I would also
> welcome authors like John Morrissey.  There aren't
> many folks who posess both
> a talent for writing and a thorough understanding of
> aerobatics.  We need all
> we can get.
> I hope that whoever is responsible for the content
> of SA puts politics aside
> and makes editorial decisions based solely on the
> quality of the magazine.  To
> do otherwise would be to deprive the membership of a
> substantial resource for
> entirely self-serving reasons.  There is no doubt
> that Rob wrote interesting
> and informative articles.  If he is willing to
> continue writing them, I want
> to continue reading them.
> I don't have an opinion on Rob's resignation because
> I don't have all the
> facts and never will.  Arguing over who did what to
> whom is a waste of time
> and energy.  Rob resigned, the Board will pick a
> successor to fill Rob's
> unexpired term, and then we will elect another
> president.  Let's get on with
> it.
> "Allyson Parker-Lauck" <princess70 at>
> wrote:
> "Stick and Rudder" fans - Never Fear!
> Former IAC President Rob Dorsey has claimed "Stick
> and Rudder" as his own;
> however, the Sport Aerobatics column "Stick and
> Rudder" has been authored by
> others, including John Morrissey and the late Sam
> Burgess.
> So for those of you who worry that you're going to
> miss out on "Stick and
> Rudder", relax.  I don't think that "Stick and
> Rudder" is going anywhere, it
> will simply be authored by somebody else.
> I just re-read John Morrissey's "Stick and Rudder"
> article in the February
> 1998 issue of "Sport Aerobatics" (yes I'm one of
> those who has the annual
> bound volumes) and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I hope
> that he and others will
> continue the "Stick and Rudder" column.  I'd
> personally love to see a
> different author each month so that I can gain
> different perspectives rather
> than a permanent author for the column.
> Anyway, just thought I'd bring that to light.
> Take care,
> Allyson Parker-Lauck
> IAC 15590

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