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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Ottawa/Gatineau contest wrap up

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Ottawa/Gatineau contest wrap up


Thread: [Acro] Ottawa/Gatineau contest wrap up

Message: [Acro] Ottawa/Gatineau contest wrap up

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From: "Peter Ashwood-Smith" <petera at>

Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 05:32:14 UTC


	Ottawa/Gatineau wrapped up at about 1:00pm Sunday afternoon. We had
15 pilots competing in 4 categories. According to my records, everybody got
a minimum of 4 flights with the exception of the glider pilots who had no
tow plane on the Sunday, and Andrew Wright who I think flew about 40 times
during the week leading up to the contest! 

	The weather was essentially perfect. Mid 80's all three days with
light winds and mostly no ceiling. 

	Local officials were very pleased and have approached me to do
another contest next year which I will. Thanks to everybody that came to fly
and especially to those that came to help out. 

	See you all in Springfield in August.


	Here are the official results:

	Sportsman Power:
	1st       Ryan Retelle          76.46%
	2nd      Phil Sciuk              74.62%
	3rd       Scott McMaster    70.32%
	4th       Stephen Till            70.20%
	5th       David Smith           68.98%
	6th       Janusz Becla         68.90%
	7th       Sheldon Apsell      68.44%
	8th       Weston Liu             63.86%

	Sportsman Glider:
	1st        Joe Stubbs            60.88%
	2nd       Scott McMaster    42.50%     (missed 1 flight due to tow

	Intermediate Power:
	1st         Kevin Hickling          69.44%
	2nd        Peter Ashwood       25.89%     (missed 2 flights)

	Advanced Power:
	1st          Robert Holland       79.33%
	2nd         Andrew Wright       74.74%
	3rd          Art Hicks                 69.71%
	4th          Johnny Hutchinson 64.10%

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