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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Fwd: Airspace Notice


Thread: [Acro] Fwd: Airspace Notice

Message: [Acro] Fwd: Airspace Notice

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From: JCobasky at

Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 14:57:50 UTC


In a message dated 7/1/02 11:51:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time, News at 

 Over the past weekend there were three separate instances of general
 aviation aircraft straying into restricted airspace. In this particular
 case the incursions involved the P-40 airspace over Camp David. SSA is
 reminding all members that it is the responsibility of the pilot to be
 aware of all relevant NOTAMS and TFR's (temporary flight restrictions).
 NOTAMS may be found on the FAA website at It is extremely important that all
 users of the airspace respect these restrictions and understand that their
 mistakes not only may result in criminal prosecution but in further
 restriction of access to airspace by other responsible users.
 The focus on security resulting from the September 11th attacks is
 something we all have to live with in the U.S. Consequently, the FAA and
 other agencies are being very strict in the enforcement of restricted
 airspace. This is a situation where a few mistakes can have bad
 consequences for all of us. Please take extra care to be responsible.

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