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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Fw: enough


Thread: [Acro] Fw: enough

Message: [Acro] Fw: enough

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From: "Marilyn Dash" <m.dash at>

Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 21:49:16 UTC


I'm sorry to hear of your disappointments. 
However, I have been in aviation for about 3 1/2 years. I have NEVER had anyone turn me down when I asked them for advice or assistance. Perhaps, they weren't able to help me immediately, but I was always treated with respect - okay, almost always. ;-)
It seems you may have one of two problems...
Maybe people don't know the answers to your questions - for example, I wouldn't know where to get a cheap crankshaft. I also wouldn't want a cheap crankshaft, but that's me. 
Or, it may be in the way you are asking these questions. 
It could be that people aren't taking you seriously because your disgust with aviation is coming through in your questions. 
The fact that you want to do everything VERY inexpensively might upset people who think you should be willing to put the best equipment into your flying machine or wait until you can afford the right parts. 
Many of us put our flying above other things on our list of activities. We have decided to forgo that new SUV and still drive our older model automobiles so we can afford that new altimeter, those new tires and that new engine that Daisy wanted so badly last year she tried to kill me in order to get it! 
I personally have no sake in the matter - I just wonder if you should reconsider or should you just pick up bowling and let it go. 
A wise man told me once.... that sometimes, Other Sports Beckon! 


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  From: Randy Bauer 
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  Sent: Monday, July 08, 2002 1:58 PM
  Subject: [Acro] enough

  Well, fellow campers, it has finally happened. I have had enough of GA. Besides living in what is perhaps the worst area in the country for aviation, I have tried, like a fool to become " One of the guys". I have gone to fly-ins, airshows, get-togethers, and in general be a pilot, just like you guys. It hasn't happened. There is no cameraderie, friendship, or even any really helpful people in flying around here. When my T-craft cracked a crankshaft, I asked everybody I knew if they could tell me where I could get assistance. I was ( and still am ) relatively poor, so I was trying to get out of paying the full amount. I found out that unless you have money, you are out of luck. And to make matters worse, even if you do have money, it is damnably difficult to get someone to work on your plane around here. I had so much trouble getting anyone to do an annual that I flew a year without one!  Recently, after selling the T-c! raft for a pittance, I bought a cole clipped-wing and began to put it together. After going to the T-craft convention and finding that not only were there no eaa members willing to give me advice, but the T-craft owners club just couldn't find it in their hearts to give a straight answer to any of my questions about what, when, and where. While I am a good wrench, some parts of the planes operation and function are alien to me. Nobody could even think of how to get cable routed! So screw it. I am gonna sell that junk clipped-wing and use the money for something totally non-aviation oriented. If anyone wants a project, gimme an e-mail. I have de-planed my house and if I never see another airplane again, it will be too soon.RB

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