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It's pilots in your situation that gave me the idea for a weekend clinic.  The clinic is for education and flight proficiency, not strictly competition.  The clinic would be an introduction to or a refresher to aerobatics.  The clinic could be a springboard to competition, or just a weekend spent getting some acro training like a bi-annual flight review.  I realize that to be truly competitive (which I'm not), takes a lot of dedication.  I have the dedication; however, my personal situation would not allow me the time for competition this year.  My friends and I have a little biplane group that does the $100 hamburger and we fly formation to the destination airport (very LOOSE formation).  It is fun and it keeps the aerobatic interest up.  Only a couple of guys in the group fly competition, but we all like aerobatics.  My clinic idea is for recreational pilots as well as budding competitors.  I feel that additional flight training is always a good thing.  I didn't start out wanting to compete, rather I just wanted upset training.  My upset training turned into the love of aerobatics and the desire to compete.
The points concerning families at aerobatic contests are pretty good.  We need the support of our friends and families.  I don't think I could sell my wife the idea of sitting all day in the hot sun, watching a bunch of airplanes scream around the sky, and then do it again the next day until we have the awards banquet.  Well, maybe I could, but it would also involve some semi-precious stones and a lot of groveling on my part.  Activities for the family of the competitor are a good idea.  Get the event to be somewhat of a family affair, and it then becomes more plausible.
I appreciate your suggestions.  We may have different ideas of how to help the IAC, but at least we're trying to help.

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