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In a message dated 7/14/2002 8:17:53 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Lest someone mistakenly think that I am against contest flying or flying a One Design in an IAC contest be advised that  I have flown in 69 contests and most recently competed in my One Design  last month.  I plan one more contest this year.

I hope that your "one more contest this year" is Pendleton, OR on Aug. 22-25. If not, maybe you could change your plans to "two more"?? Would be a great tune-up for Delano, but maybe not quite so warm. Not only that, but I have it on good authority that the only known (to me, anyway) 1-D in the Northwest will be at PDT, probably flying Sportsman.

Re. the 1-D contest business, yes there must be a critical mass of aircraft, but even then, it's always seemed to me that there is such a variation possible within the rules that the airplanes really aren't anywhere near equal. A stock engine, fixed pitch airplane just isn't going to be as capable as one with a big-money engine and constant speed, and the difference in cost between the two would buy a nice S1-S. This notwithstanding the standardized paint scheme! Just my two cents worth. 1-D is a worthy concept that just might not be doable.

Doug Sowder

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