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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Helpful Suggestions


Thread: [Acro] Re: Helpful Suggestions

Message: [Acro] Re: Helpful Suggestions

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From: Budd Davisson <buddairbum at>

Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 04:30:54 UTC


There are some good ideas here. Who is next?


Pete & Farrell Rouse wrote:

> To All, I am an aerobatic pilot who is no threat to any of the
> competitors in any category; however, I feel that I might have some
> suggestions that would be of benefit.  I am going out on a limb
> because of the recent spate of in-fighting within the ranks of the
> IAC.  I do not know all of the issues with Mr. Dorsey's tenure as the
> IAC president, nor do I feel that it is relevant now due to his
> departure.  Any parting shots taken at this point are really
> non-productive.  I say let us give Gerry Molidor our support and move
> the IAC in a positive direction that is a benefit to all aerobatic
> pilots. Here are a few suggestions that might help with some of the
> issues as I see them. 1.  The small percentage of competitors versus
> the overall membership. I suggest that the IAC sponsor weekend clinics
> for aerobatics much in the way the EAA sponsors the Sportair
> workshops.  I feel that a relaxed and fun atmosphere of a weekend
> clinic would probably entice some more of the membership into
> competition.  I see this as an educational as well as flight
> proficiency clinic.  The people involved in the course could bring
> their own airplanes, or rent a flight school provided airplane.  The
> clinic would cover the maneuvers, scoring/judging, flying tips,
> aircraft performance, etc.  Basically a fun introduction to
> competitive aerobatics. 2.  Competition aerobatics is relatively
> unknown to the 'outside world'. I suggest that whenever there is an
> aerobatic competition, the organizers try an involve the local media
> to get the word out to the general public.  The media involvement
> would need to be carefully crafted in order to put aerobatics in a
> positive light, not a bunch of elite, show-offs with too much money
> and time on their hands.  I am not saying that the latter is the case,
> just that the general public is uninformed about our sport, and we
> want to portray it as a safe and exciting sport which has benefits to
> regular flying; i.e., upset training and flight proficiency. 3.
> Dissemination of information. One of the biggest issues this year
> seemed to be the USAF decision concerning the fielding of an Advanced
> team at the WAC.  I am friends with one of the original team members,
> but I still am not sure what the issues were concerning the Advanced
> team (this may be a case of utter confusion on my part).  Anyway, I
> suggest that there be a better flow of information to the IAC
> membership.  Email would be a good start.  I have contributed to the
> USAF for the Unlimited and the Advanced team.  If funding were an
> issue, I would have gladly donated an extra $20.00 to the Advanced
> team.  My $20.00 would not have meant much; however, if all of the
> other IAC membership were to match it, then it would have been
> something.  I may not have all of my facts straight, but I hopefully
> have pointed out that the communications within the organization could
> use a little more improvement. 4.  Fragmentation of the IAC. I have
> seen the website which is proposing a new aerobatic organization.
> Wasn't this the case when IAC superceded the ACA (before my time)?
> Anyway, I don't feel that creating a new organization will really
> address any of the core issues.  I feel it is changing horses in mid
> stream.  I realize that there are many different viewpoints within the
> IAC.  If there is a particular direction the IAC should go, then the
> membership should vote for it and then the majority would provide the
> direction.  If there are people who are not in the majority, then keep
> up the dialogue and see if there is an equitable solution to be had.
> Constant in-fighting is non-productive, and it just alienates people.
> I feel that we can have internal disagreements, but when it comes to
> interfacing with outside organizations, we need to have a unified
> position.  Let us not air our dirty laundry to the public. I know that
> my viewpoints are probably not worth the electricity used to send them
> across the net, but I am willing to help. Thanks for not hitting the
> delete key immediately. Pete RousePitts S-1S
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