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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Helpful Suggestions


Thread: [Acro] Re: Helpful Suggestions

Message: [Acro] Re: Helpful Suggestions

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From: Stephen Seidel <thinairltd at>

Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 12:07:40 UTC


It's certainly easier to complain and throw darts than to offer up
concise and helpful suggestions. For that I applaud you.

Your idea of clinics has merit to bring the larger acro community
together. We probably all know of a dozen pilots around us who have
aerobatic airplanes that either no longer competete or never intend to.
This could prove to be a golden opportunity to include these folks and
help grow the sport.

Perhaps one of these clinics could be combined with the many Airport
appreciation days that local airports and FBOs  put on.  Or an afternoon
rally, much the way the antique and hot rod car clubs have. Both these
events could be advertised using sponsor's  byline tags, and it may help
bring us together and  promote public awareness of the sport.

Stephen Seidel
MidHudson Aerobatic Club
IAC 52

Pete & Farrell Rouse wrote:

> To All,Or I am an aerobatic pilot who is no threat to any of the
> competitors in any category; however, I feel that I might have some
> suggestions that would be of benefit.  I am going out on a limb
> because of the recent spate of in-fighting within the ranks of the
> IAC.  I do not know all of the issues with Mr. Dorsey's tenure as the
> IAC president, nor do I feel that it is relevant now due to his
> departure.  Any parting shots taken at this point are really
> non-productive.  I say let us give Gerry Molidor our support and move
> the IAC in a positive direction that is a benefit to all aerobatic
> pilots. Here are a few suggestions that might help with some of the
> issues as I see them. 1.  The small percentage of competitors versus
> the overall membership. I suggest that the IAC sponsor weekend clinics
> for aerobatics much in the way the EAA sponsors the Sportair
> workshops.  I feel that a relaxed and fun atmosphere of a weekend
> clinic would probably entice some more of the membership into
> competition.  I see this as an educational as well as flight
> proficiency clinic.  The people involved in the course could bring
> their own airplanes, or rent a flight school provided airplane.  The
> clinic would cover the maneuvers, scoring/judging, flying tips,
> aircraft performance, etc.  Basically a fun introduction to
> competitive aerobatics. 2.  Competition aerobatics is relatively
> unknown to the 'outside world'. I suggest that whenever there is an
> aerobatic competition, the organizers try an involve the local media
> to get the word out to the general public.  The media involvement
> would need to be carefully crafted in order to put aerobatics in a
> positive light, not a bunch of elite, show-offs with too much money
> and time on their hands.  I am not saying that the latter is the case,
> just that the general public is uninformed about our sport, and we
> want to portray it as a safe and exciting sport which has benefits to
> regular flying; i.e., upset training and flight proficiency. 3.
> Dissemination of information. One of the biggest issues this year
> seemed to be the USAF decision concerning the fielding of an Advanced
> team at the WAC.  I am friends with one of the original team members,
> but I still am not sure what the issues were concerning the Advanced
> team (this may be a case of utter confusion on my part).  Anyway, I
> suggest that there be a better flow of information to the IAC
> membership.  Email would be a good start.  I have contributed to the
> USAF for the Unlimited and the Advanced team.  If funding were an
> issue, I would have gladly donated an extra $20.00 to the Advanced
> team.  My $20.00 would not have meant much; however, if all of the
> other IAC membership were to match it, then it would have been
> something.  I may not have all of my facts straight, but I hopefully
> have pointed out that the communications within the organization could
> use a little more improvement. 4.  Fragmentation of the IAC. I have
> seen the website which is proposing a new aerobatic organization.
> Wasn't this the case when IAC superceded the ACA (before my time)?
> Anyway, I don't feel that creating a new organization will really
> address any of the core issues.  I feel it is changing horses in mid
> stream.  I realize that there are many different viewpoints within the
> IAC.  If there is a particular direction the IAC should go, then the
> membership should vote for it and then the majority would provide the
> direction.  If there are people who are not in the majority, then keep
> up the dialogue and see if there is an equitable solution to be had.
> Constant in-fighting is non-productive, and it just alienates people.
> I feel that we can have internal disagreements, but when it comes to
> interfacing with outside organizations, we need to have a unified
> position.  Let us not air our dirty laundry to the public. I know that
> my viewpoints are probably not worth the electricity used to send them
> across the net, but I am willing to help. Thanks for not hitting the
> delete key immediately. Pete RousePitts S-1S
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