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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Helpful Suggestions


Thread: [Acro] Re: Helpful Suggestions

Message: [Acro] Re: Helpful Suggestions

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Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 15:20:27 UTC


I can speak to the One Design "Category".  There was once an appendix in the 
Rules Book which provided the rules for a One Design contest.  There were a 
few objectionable criteria such as a uniform paint scheme.  Rather than 
submit changes to the Rules Committee for change it was easier to just 
eliminate the appendix.  (Appendectomy?).  IAC which created the category did 
not host a contest.  Therefore rules for such a contest were no longer 
necessary.  There was no pressure brought to bear to have a discrete contest 
or even a subdivision within a standard contest such as FdL or the Nat's.  

The majority of the builders of the One Design have been more into building 
than competing.  There are over fifty flying now in the USA.  Closer to 70 
world-wide.  The majority of the owners are as happy as they can be.  A few 
of them are being used in competition as they are in the hands of experienced 
competitors.  The machine was designed for  all categories through Advanced.  
It is not competitive in the Unlimited Division of this era.  The four 
cylinder engine is not competitive in this divison anymore IMHOP.   It is my 
personal belief, probably not ascribed to by everyone, that the competition 
begins at the dispoable income value of the contestant.

I hope I live long enough to see a One Design contest.  Since most of these 
machines were built by their pilots it would seem an appropriate contest 
would include an AirVenture type of static judging followed by a competition 
flight.  It would be a lot of fun sharing building and flying experiences 
with people of like mind.  should this sort of contest be held it would be a 
remarkable demonstration of the symbiotic relationships which exist between 
EAA and IAC. 

Perhaps when a critical mass of aircraft is achieved this will happen.  There 
has been no pressure brought to bear on the IAC Board to do this.  Perhaps 
some day.

Meanwhile those of us lucky enough to have built one of these jewels continue 
to have all the fun one can have.  I suspect that many One Design owners have 
discoverd the mature point of view which is our most serious competitor is 
ourselves.  We can compete with ourselves at home.  Who needs a contest?  
Champagne on a Beer budget !

Lest someone mistakenly think that I am against contest flying or flying a 
One Design in an IAC contest be advised that  I have flown in 69 contests and 
most recently competed in my One Design  last month.  I plan one more contest 
this year.

Dick Rihn
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