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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Parachute info so far ...


Thread: [Acro] Parachute info so far ...

Message: [Acro] Parachute info so far ...

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From: William Halverson <william at>

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 16:33:09 UTC


Dear Group -

Two replies so far:

1. "I have a Para-Cushion seat 304 which came with the plane. It is very
uncomfortable. It hurts my butt and back due to the way it is designed. 
I have added butt and back cushions and have it less uncomfortable. It 
was so uncomfortable that I have ordered a Softie seat pack with Silver 
Parachute that is custom made with aerobatic harness and an
inflatable/adjustable lumbar support and 2 inch cushion built on the 
seat of the chute. I believe it will be much more comfortable. We will 
see. Good luck and think comfort."

2. "Whichever chute you select, make sure it is manufactured to at least 
the C revision of the TSO.  The C revision requires performance and 
safety testing to a higher dead weight load and higher deployment 
speeds.  The B revision is just not quite enough for a big guy and high 
speed opening. I personally like the folks at Strong.  They are used to 
manufacturing for the military and the quality control spills over to 
the sport and emergency chutes they make."

I think I'm learning that parachutes are really hard to generalize 
about.  Each airplane's cockpit combine in a unique way with each pilot.

In my case I have long legs, so I have to wedge my knees under the 
longerons that form the top of the cockpit. So there is almnost no 
theigh area to distribute my weight over, just the pointy shape of my 
butt and lower back:
        ^       |      instead of                 |
       /  \     |                        /-------/
      /    \    |                       /
            \__/                       /

As I get anymore info I"ll pass it on to the group ...

Safe flying,



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