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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Hangin in there


Thread: [Acro] Re: Hangin in there

Message: [Acro] Re: Hangin in there

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From: Jerry <usav8or at>

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 22:04:21 UTC


Well said. You should speak up more often.
  Gregory Inman <Gregory.Inman at> wrote: 
I've been on this list for quite awhile now and have enjoyed most of the posts I've seen.
I haven't contributed very much mostly because I subscribe to that axiom about "you'll have plenty of chances to keep your mouth shut, make sure you take all of them"...But I would like to chime in on the recent spate with Bob Dorsey. 

I had no problem with him. He wrote a great column. Besides, anyone who volunteers for a job like that should automatically get an 80% approval rating just because he cared enough to devote his time to it. But the attempt to split the IAC into different organizations is wrong. 

General Aviation is under siege on all fronts, even more so since Sept. 11 then at any other time. Certain factions in our administration are actively promoting the idea that small planes filled with bombs are going to crash into their homes, businesses, and their local nuclear power plant. State legislatures across the country are trying to put flight training operations out of business with onerous, unnecessary and silly background checks. Then we have things like the recent A&E garbage masquerading as news about GA crashes. 

We need each other now more then ever before. We need the people who just want to compete. We need the people that just want to go upside down once in awhile. We need the people that just want to fly around and get the $100 hamburger, and the ultralight people, and the skydivers, and anyone else who enjoys doing something in aviation. And we need to make sure that our kids have the same freedoms to fly as we've enjoyed. 

We need to start speaking with one voice, or none of us will ever be heard against the background noise, and general aviation in America will just be a distant memory.

If you don't agree with the direction the IAC is taking, fine, speak up...But don't take your ball and run home. We need your participation, your voice, to add to all of ours.

Greg Inman
IAC Chapter 12

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