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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Pitts S-1 Canopy Hardware

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Pitts S-1 Canopy Hardware


Thread: [Acro] Pitts S-1 Canopy Hardware

Message: [Acro] Pitts S-1 Canopy Hardware

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From: tailwind <tailwind at>

Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 03:12:27 UTC


  Hello Arco Gang,
  Well, it was a great day for arco over Berks county Pennsylvania today
until my canopy decided depart my S-1E.

 Before I call Aviat for the overpriced replacement parts, I thought I
would post this to the list.

  Jim Miller will be making a new canopy replacement blank.  I need to
locate all the factory hardware except for the rail slides that were
holding the original canopy in place.

    Any one have a the damaged factory canopy with the hardware from a
factory Pitts S-1 that they would be willing to sell?? Or, a lead to
someone that can make up a set of blanks . I have a factory blue print
for the canopy parts and installation.

 I  need the left and right Z channels, metal latches and the inner and
outer straps from the sliding portion of the canopy.

 Thanks, Gary Novack


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