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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Springfield, VT Contest - August 9, 10, 11

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Springfield, VT Contest - August 9, 10, 11


Thread: [Acro] Springfield, VT Contest - August 9, 10, 11

Message: [Acro] Springfield, VT Contest - August 9, 10, 11

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From: "Hans Bok" <hbok at>

Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 11:13:39 UTC


The Green Mountain Aerobatic Contest will be held on August 9 - 11 at the Hartness State Airport.  We have added to our list of hotels as there is a conflict  with a meeting of the Telescope Society.  August 9/10/11 is the dark of the moon and no, it will not effect your flying.  Transportation will be available for all hotels. 

Please let me know if you are planning to be at the contest.  

Hans Bok
IAC Chapter 35

2002 Green Mountain Aerobatic Contest sponsored by IAC Chapter 35 at
Hartness State Airport - Springfield, VT (VSF).

Basic thru Unlimited power flights will be flown.


Friday, August 9

        1200 - 1900     Registration; box open for
        1900                 Food on the field, TBD

Saturday, August 10

         0700 SHARP  Pilots' briefing - all categories
         0800                Registration
         0830 - 1830     Contest flying -- all categories
         1900                Banquet

Sunday, August 11

         0900                 Pilots' briefing
         1000 - 1500      Contest flying -- all categories
         1530                 Awards ceremony


In addition to trophies (yes, there will be trophies) for the top 3 pilots in each category, we will award:

  * Best First-Time Sportsman Award
  * Chapter Team Award
  * Pitts Cup (Highest placing Pitts/Eagle driver)
  * Grass Roots Achievement Award


Chester House Inn                                 888-875-2205
Comfort Dresser House                         802-875-4398
Fullerton Inn                                           802-875-2444
Green Gables Inn                                   802-875-3030
Hugging Bear Inn                                    800-325-0519
Inn Victoria                                             800-732-4288
Kimberly's Cherub Bed & Breakfast        888-763-3773
Quail Hollow Inn                                      802-875-2794
Rose Arbour Bed & Breakfast                 802-875-4767
Storie Hearth Inn                                     888-617-3656
The Hartness House Inn                         802-885-2115
Holiday Inn Express                                802-885-4516
Inn At The Weathersfield                        802-886-9217
Abby Lynn Motel                                     802-886-2223


This year's banquet will be held Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. 


Contest registration
    Basic                       $75
    Sportsman                 75
    Intermediate              75
    Advanced                  75
    Unlimited                    75

Hangar, per night        $15 subject to change

Food on the field (Fri):   We ask only for a reasonable contribution

Saturday evening banquet:     $35 per person


For the aircraft:

Airframe and engine logs; airworthiness certificate; registration
certificate; operating limitations; current weight and balance data,
in-pack chute (<120 days) & pack card; proof of insurance ($1 million

For the pilot:

Pilot and medical certificates; IAC membership card; FAI license (Unlimited
competitors only); 7 copies each of free style forms A, B and C, signed and
dated by a current IAC judge; ca$h.

Photocopies of documents are permissible for IAC contest registration;
however, FAA requirements may differ.


By air:  NY Sectional, Lebanon (LEB) VORTAC, 228 degree radial, 24 NM.
43o 20'37"N, 72o 31'04"W.  GPS, RNAV, LOC, LOC/DME and NDB approaches.

By car:  U.S. Route  89 to exit 7 (U.S. Route 11, Springfield exit).
Travel  North and pass through the center of Springfield.  Take Route 106
North to the airport.  Drive approximately one mile. A sign for the airport
will be on the right hand side.

Arrival: Runways 05-23: 5,498'x100'; 11-29: 3,000'x75'.  Field elevation
577' MSL.  Springfield Unicom 122.8.  Runway 11-29 will be closed during
practice and contest flying except with 15 minutes prior arrangement by
phone or radio.  Fly right traffic for runway 23, left traffic for runway
05.  Caution:  The aerobatic box is southeast and parallel to runway 5-23
and over the approach end of runway 29.  Do not overfly the airport.


Contest Director:

George Coy
Gesoco Industries, Inc.
802-868-5633 office
802-868-4465 fax
Gesoco at

Springfield Municipal Airport manager
Craig Chamberlin     802-886-8594

Hans Bok
Chapter 35
508-994-5957 - home

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